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Itwas on 11thJune2014 at around 2am and the dream was about 55minutes long.

DreamManifest Content

Idreamt that I was in Paris, France attending the pre-wedding party ofmy cousin who was getting married within the next three weeks. Thedream began in New York when boarding a flight to France, Paris atthe John F. Kennedy International Airport. I was accompanied by myfamily, close relatives and people from the neighborhood. I was sothrilled partially because it was my first time to board a plane andbecause I was headed towards the most romantic city in the world. Icould not contain my enthusiasm as I constantly took photos of theentire group at the airport`s lobby area awaiting for the Air Franceplane. Although it was chilly and snowy, the weather did not spoilthe mood, everything seemed amazing and the trip was something I waslooking forward to enjoy. I sat next to my childhood friend whom Ihad not seen for a very long time. At first it was rather awkward ofhow to reconnect, but we talked about our past shared memories. Asfar as I can remember, she was one of the first people to befriend inthe new school I enrolled in while I was 10 years old. The flightwas at 9am New York time. After a few hours we arrived at the Orlyairport in Paris. Upon arrival, the bridegroom to be, was wearing abeautiful dark colored French suit accompanied by his friends. It wasa sight to behold as other passengers stood by, watching us exchangegreetings and pleasantries. From the dream, I could see myself andmy reactions of reigniting past friendships and relationships withlong lost friends and family members. Moreover, everything wascolorful.


About5minutes to 3am I woke up overjoyed because the impending weddingseemed to be a memorable one. I was extremely glad that I wasinvolved in my cousin`s personal life that she prioritized our familyby including us in the pre-wedding, wedding and reception ceremonies.In my dream, I was overwhelmed with joy.


TheAir France airplane symbolizes my passion for boarding a plane andtravelling in some of the world`s exotic cities. My dream on mycousin`s wedding symbolizes a transitioning phase from a cousin of anin-law to the husband’s to be family. In addition, the dreamportrayed my internal feelings of commitment, freedom and enthusiasmfor marital relationships. (Sigmund, 1911).

DreamLatent Content (Interpretation)

Thedream, suggests that am a lover of marriages because it symbolizes anindividual’s dedication to a loved one and the entire universe thatregardless of what life brings, I am committed to make my marriage asuccess. The presence of family members and my neighbors in my dreamshows how much I love and value the people in my life and I cannot bewhere or who I am without them. The dream is an anticipation of theimpending dream which is to take place in three weeks’ time(Sigmund, 1911).


Itwas 14thJune,2014 at 12midnight and the dream was about 10minutes long.

DreamManifest Content.

Iam walking towards the school cafeteria for a mid-morning snack andafter that went to the ladies washroom to relieve myself. As soon asI saw my reflection in the mirror, I was fat. At that moment,everything stood still, I was shocked to the point I almost collapsedon the floor. Every inch of my body was covered in massive bodyweight. At 12.10 am I woke up to my surprise, it was just a dream.


Forthe first time in my life, I was scared of being fat and hideous.After I woke up I was still disgusted at the thought of being fat. Atthe onset of the dream I was enthusiastic about attending a goodschool, but everything changed after I saw myself from the mirror(Richmond, 2013).


Thepresence of the cafeteria shows that I have underlying personalproblems which need to be resolved. It shows that I might besuffering from self-esteem issues.

DreamLatent Content (interpretation)

Thedream attempts to show that an impending fortune awaits, but alsosymbolizes that am suffering from excessive tendencies or whatmedical professional refer to as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).From my dream, it’s evident that I need to practice moderationbecause am afraid of gaining excess weight. The dream shows my pasthigh school fears of body image and I think that this dream is areminder that I should be more cautious of my eating habits(Richmond, 2013).


Itwas on 1stJune, 2014 at 1am, the dream was 15minutes long.

DreamManifest Content.

Walkingalong the streets of the neighborhood, I was attacked by someteenagers. Interesting enough, they were people I knew because theywere all my former classmates. I stood my ground, but due to theirlarge number, I was overpowered and made away with my small hand bag,bag pack and other valuables. I saw myself lying on the sidewalkagonizing in pain at the loss of my items which had my personalbelonging. All this took place in the afternoon after my work shiftat McDonalds.


Atfirst I was surprised at the sight of thugs in my streets because ourneighborhood is known to be peaceful. However, after the attack I wasshocked to know my attackers were people I knew. After I woke, I wasfrightened at the thought of my former friends and classmatesstealing from me.


Thepresence of my friends and former classmates shows the connection tochildhood memories. My dream involves the neighborhood, whichsymbolizes my love for where I come from and how peaceful the streetsought to be (Sigmund, 1911).

DreamLatent Content (interpretation)

Italso shows the disconnection from my friends because of unresolvedpersonal issues within my life. There are conflicting issues becauseI have neglected some issues in my life. My childhood life was somuch isolated because I was mischievous and never used to interactother pupil`s in a friendly manner. The reason why this dream keepsrecurring is because most of the people I used to ignore are doingmuch better in their lives compared to me. Those I despised are farmuch ahead of me and are stable and the society is looking upon themin one way or the other..


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