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Relationships are full of ups and downs. These twists are the onesthat make people in the relationship understand each other. Being acounselor to Maria, I would advise her first to have self efficacy.Her problem lies primarily with her low self-esteem. No one can valueyou more than you value yourself (Cherry, L. R., &amp Erford, B.2014). Maria needs to start by valuing herself. She has to loveherself before anyone else could love her. When it comes to the issueat hand about her and Justin, no one has to force her to do what shedoesn`t want. If Justin has already started abusing her verbally andthey are not even married, then is a sign that he doesn`t value,neither does he respect her at all. Sex is a very importantingredient in any relationship but no partner has to force the otherfor it. It has to be on mutual understanding. If Justin wants to walkout of the relationship because of lack of sex, then Maria should lethim. She does not need to compromise her values and interests forJustin. What makes her so sure that even after having sex, Justinwill not break off their relationship? Justin will respect her morewhen she holds onto her values and doesn`t change her mind so easilyjust to please him.

Onthe Arthur and Melissa`s issue, men tend to keep it inside wheneverthey are abused by women. This rarely happens so they think sharingit would make them less of a man or something. Arthur should try tofind out the reason why Melissa is acting so violently since shehasn`t been like this in the past. The safety plan I would devise isto advice Arthur to investigate further and find the root cause ofMelissa`s violence. If it is something serious, he should go to hislawyer and reveal the problem because this can be so dangerous forchildren. He can take the children away for the time being before thecause is established.


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