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The company has adopted specific strategies to campaign for itsproducts. The segmentation of the current and new subscribers to thewebsite is one technique of marketing that the company uses.Subscribers are divided according to the type of the dog they arehaving. This enables the company to offer customized emails tospecific customers (Sutton, 2013). In addition, this allows thecompany to avoid sending unnecessary emails to subscribers, which maybe irrelevant to them. The company has also created the homepage oftheir website in such a way that subscribers do not get theassumption that the company is in search of their personalinformation such as emails. Reminding dog owners of the dog’sbirthday has also been a major campaign strategy. The companyadvertises various birthday gifts for the dogs two weeks prior to adog’s birthday (Sutton, 2013).

The company must ensure that the data they collect is not availed toany third party. Subscribers must also be assured of the privacy ofthe data they provide. The subscribers must also give consent for thesharing of their data with service providers. It is also vital toreduce the amount of private data provided to service providers tothe minimum (Sutton, 2013).

Collection of the subscribers contact information is vial in orderto follow up on the usefulness of the company’s products. This is acritical tool for marketing and enhancing the company’s revenues.The ages of the dogs is also a vital information which the companyshould collect. This would assist in marketing the appropriateproducts for certain aged dogs to the subscribers (Sutton, 2013).Additionally, any health complications with the dog should also beprovided. The data collected would only be used between the companyand the subscriber. In an effort to enhance the protection of thedata, the company would always seek consent from the subscriberbefore sharing the information with third parties such as serviceproviders.


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