English Composition 2 Unit I Assignment

ENGLISH COMPOSITION 2 UNIT I ASSIGNMENT 5English Composition 2 Unit IAssignmentAuthorInstitution

EnglishComposition 2 Unit I Assignment


  1. Academic

Personalinterest: Technology

StudiesAcademic subject: Pros and Cons of Technology in Academic Research


  • “How to avoid misleading information on the internet”

  • “Has the internet made our mind lazy?”

  • “How the internet has broken the boundaries of information distribution”

  1. Scientific Subject

Personalinterest: Cars

Academicsubject: Eco-engineering

Possibleacademic topic:

      • “Is the cost of Hybrid vehicles worth the results (a cleaner planet)?”

      • “Are Hydrogen Cars safer?”

      • “Are gasoline cars cheap but expensive to the environment”

  1. Social issue

Personalinterest: Unwanted Pregnancies

Academicsubject: Abortion

Possibleacademic topic:

  • “Religious views on abortion”

  • “Social behaviors that can lead to unwanted pregnancies”

  • “Health risks as a result of abortion”

  • Is birth control essentially abortion?
  1. Cultural background

Personalinterest: The Holocaust

AcademicSubject The children of the Holocaust

Possibleacademic topic:

  • “Development and Execution”

  • “Methods for mass murder”

  • “Key players in the Children’s Survival”

ControllingIdea Statement

Oncepregnant, the only alternative to get rid of the pregnancy is throughabortion. Pregnancy is sometimes unavoidable. However, a person candecrease the chances dealing with unwanted pregnancy issues bypracticing various forms of contraception. Most methods are havingprotected sex. Additionally, there are options like emergencycontraception for use after unprotected sex. There are many sideeffects that only few people are aware of concerning abortion. Manywomen are not aware of these side effects. Researchers have investedenormous time and money in developing safer methods of dealing withthe medical complications that come because of medical procedures.Nonetheless, even with improved technology, there are still cases ofphysical side effects that eventually lead to negative psychologicalside effects. Researchers are developing nonlethal methods ofpreventing and terminating unwanted pregnancies. Consequently, womenwill not have to bear unwanted pregnancies and the unborn do not haveto lose their potential lives. For instance, there are numerous waysof avoiding unwanted pregnancies. One can choose to abstain or use ofvarious contraceptives (Reiman, 1999).


Aperson should consider adoption before procuring an abortion. Thereare allot of people who would love to take care of a child, but theycannot conceive due to various reasons. These people would appreciatea child obtained legally and provide for it even better than a realparent would have done. Moreover, abortion is a legalized murder. Alife is lost every time a successful abortion happens. Nevertheless,abortion never stops being murder. Those who say it is justified incases of rape or incest are not saying it is not murder in thosecases.

Theypresume that in those cases the execution is reasonable. In addition,they claim that the mother did not agree to the approval of thebaby`s conception. Hence, the society should not force the mother tobear a child she never asked for. Besides, the baby`s right to lifeis more essential than the mother`s purported &quotright to choose.&quotHowever, for the case of some pro-lifers who believe that the motherhas a right to choose, none of them says it is not still murder. Ipropose better access to birth control, less societal stigma forsingle mothers and more social support. Birth control andself-control are key issues (Reiman, 1999).


Reiman,J. H. (1999). Abortionand the ways we value human life.Lanham, Md: Rowman &amp Littlefield.