Environmental planning


involves the process of decision making thatensures that government development projects are carried out whileconserving and protecting the environment. hasfaced numerous challenges in the United States. Political influencehas been the major issue affecting the environmental planning process(Randolph, 2014). There has been interference from interested partiesto impede the efforts of environmental planning. Financing theprocess has also been major problem in the United States with regardto environmental planning.

There are various Acts and programs that have been developed to bythe federal government with regard to environmental planning. TheNational Environmental Policy Act was developed in the 1970s by thefederal government as a measure to curb the increasing environmentaldegradation processes such as oil spills (Randolph, 2014). The U.S.Environmental Protection Agency has also been a program aimed atdealing with the effects of climate change. The program has developedvarious plans to deal with climate change such as the Draft ClimateChange Adaptation Plan of 2013.

cannot be separated from politics andfinancing. The policies pertaining to environmental planning aredeveloped by politicians and therefore they sometimes get biased. takes place in the midst of financial crisis.Financing environmental planning has been a major challenge by the USgovernment with some politicians supporting the diversion of thefunds to other projects such as defense.

The push by Obama during his administration for green energy will besignificantly affected by the stimulus program. The stimulus programis estimated to be between 700 to 800 billion dollars. The money,according to Obama will go into boosting the dwindling economy, aswell as energy. This creates immense hope for environmental planning,as well as the protection of the environment.


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