Essay Assessment



Thesample essay does address the argument in the paper thoroughly. Thetask required the writer to evaluate the most efficient revolution interms of putting Enlightenment principles into action between theHaitian and French revolution. The author has categorically arguedthat the French revolution had the highest effect towards influencingexecution of the enlightenment issues. In addition, the authorproceeds to support the opinion by comparing the political influenceeach, Haiti and France, wielded back then. According to the author’sanalysis, French was among the most influential and powerfulcountries in the era due to its vast resources and hegemoniccapacity. On the other hand, Haiti was a small country that had noinfluence over other nations. This implies that even if it made majordecisions, they were unlikely to be adopted elsewhere since thenation had no influence over global politics. From a critic’sviewpoint, the author has comprehensively addressed the essayquestion through comparing the historical evidence between Haiti andFrance.

Theessay question already claimed that the French Revolution isclassified among the most influential events in the history in termsof introducing equality laws that promised to protect the liberaldemocracy of the oppressed. The author agrees that the Haitianrevolution, which also sought the liberal rights of the slave, waseffective in achieving its objective, but Haiti’s low influence inglobal politics could not influence other powerful nations such asThe USA and the Britain to adjust their regulations in order toaccommodate the rights of the slaves (Rodriguez, 2007).

However,the writer has not used adequate references of both class materialand external evidence in justifying major assertions. Therefore, theessay could have been more comprehensive and precise if the writercould have incorporated evidence from a variety of externalresources. Braudel (1995) discusses the influence of social andeconomic history towards the development of thecivilization. Thewriter asserts that the slaves in France discovered that they werebeing treated as if they were not humans. Similarly, the Haitiansbegan demanding for appropriate treatment. However, the author doesnot define the fair treatment slaves were demanding. The bookprovides a comprehensive overview of the French civilization.François (1927) documentary would also enhance the quality of thesample essay through offering information concerning the causes andeffect of the revolution. The author reviews critical issues thatprobably motivated the slaves to revolt against the French. Beard andRedpath (1863) give a detailed history of Louverture and his journeyto becoming the first black governor of the colony. Louverture hadwritten the first all-inclusive rights and freedoms of the humans.The reference could have helped in enhancing credibility and strengthof the points asserted.

IfI were to grade the sample essay, I would give it 3.5 score out offour. The author has cleared identified and stated the thesis of thepaper “that French revolution was the most powerful in bringingliberal democracy across the globe.” The research further buildssupport for its thesis through comparing the political influence ofboth Haiti and France. The comparison concludes that France hadinternational influence that could make other powerful nations in theera such as the Britain and USA reconsider their liberal laws. Theconclusion of supports the thesis, as well as argues against theoption that was not picked. Similarly, the elegance and readabilitystatistics of the work is impressive. Nonetheless, the author has notintegrated the course material in when writing up the essay. Inaddition, the grammar, and language syntax used of the essay hasquite some issues that make it imperfect thereby, justifying the 3.5rating.


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