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Theessay points out that the civil war set the foundation for therebuilding of the nation and that it had an impact on the country’seconomy as well as the larger society. It is true that pursuit ofwealth and power has played a significant role in the growth of USAas a country and that these two factors greatly contributed to thebreaking out of the civil war. The civil war lead to the freeing ofslaves and re-united the nation. The essay points out how the countryhas involved itself in wars as means of achieving power and control,both domestically and beyond its boundaries. An important note thatis not mentioned in the essay is the costs involved in these wars.Both the civil war and the 1stworld war led to the loss of many lives. It is true that America setitself out through wars, trade as well as propaganda in order to gainglobal recognition and superiority.

Itis true that the quest for power and control, of wealth in the UnitedStates began with the arrival of the first white immigrants into thenew land. The Whites set out to gain control of the land by pushingout the natives who occupied vast areas of the country. By becoming asuperpower, the country has been able to maintain its presence on theglobal scene. This position gives the country an opportunity toshowcase its wealth and ability and even influence important globalpolicies (Herring, 2008). In general, it is a great essay andmentions the important factors that have lead to the growth of the USand which have contributed to the expansion of the county’s wealth.


Theessay takes us back to the 1700s when Americans decided to break awayfrom Britain and establish their own country. The essay does notpoint out how the country started out as a colony and how thesubsequent civil war played an important role in establishing thecountry as being independent from Europe. The Quest for power, wealthand freedom drove people out of England and led to the establishmentof the US. The point that Americans stood together in creating ademocracy is debatable since natives were chased away from theirancestral land with millions of them being killed. Such killings showthe ruthless approach Americans use in the quest for power, controland wealth. The essay goes ahead to discuss how the US took controlof the Philippines in order to control its interests in that region.By taking control of such areas, the US was able to impose itsculture on other nations, with the aim of protecting its interests.

Theessay brings to light how the globe has become Americanized. It istrue that America’s popular culture, language as well as technologyhave been adopted in many parts of the world. The American culturehas had a great impact on other cultures, and these shows how thecountry has grown and how it has expanded its global influence(Stead, 2012) . The essay points out how economic ties played animportant role in spreading the American culture to other countries.Through their expansion efforts and quest for global control, theAmerican culture was spread and its impact is noticeable in themodern society. The essay successfully shows how the US grew from acolony to the most influential state.


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