Evaluating a Speech


Evaluatinga Speech


Evaluatinga speech

The2011 world public speaking championships were hosted by ToastmastersInternational in Las Vegas. Toastmasters International offers aplatform where participants hone their leadership and speaking skillsin a no pressure atmosphere and members evaluate each other’spresentations (Toastmasters, 2011). During these public speakingchampionships, Jock Elliott and Kwong Yue Yang emerged first andsecond place respectively.

KwongYue Yang was an outstanding speaker who applied different speakingtechniques in delivering his speech. For instance, he had chosen atopic that he knew well, researched and was interested in (Jaffe,2012). He used personal stories and humor to drive the point home andby so doing little did he forget what to say. In addition, he kepthis language simple by using words and phrases that the membersunderstood and followed him with ease (Sedniev, 2012).

Anothertechnique adopted by Kwong was relaxation. He began his speech byaddressing the members and this helps calm the nerve and buy you time(Jaffe, 2012). Relaxation helped Kwong reduce butterflies leading toa better presentation.

Aspeech is considered to have connected with one personallyif the speaker gets into ones personal space (Jaffe,2012).It is evidenced that sharing public space is a low key for everyoneand one is considered too far to be important. Social space is a bitwarmer but until one gets into our personal space, that’s when webegin to pay attention. When the speaker is in our intimate space,that’s when he gets all our focus (Sedniev,2012).In order to make those moments of personal resonant, Kwong wentbeyond bland by moving into the audience member’s personal space,and by so doing he changed the impression on people.

Aspeaker may have the greatest content, but if he fails to connectwith the audience, it all goes to waste.Feeling nervousness before delivering a speech is natural but toomuch of a something can be detrimental (Sedniev, 2012).


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