Evaluation of “I have a dream speech by Martin Ruther King”


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The 28th of August 1963 remains one of the most memorableday in the history of the American Negro family. The speech by MartinLuther king was one that has largely been viewed as the beginning ofa long fight for the freedom of the black community in the UnitedStates. The speech, which used repetition as a technique to deliverthe message, has been viewed as one of the greatest speeches inhistory. For instance, the speech has repeated the words, dream,nation, we, and justice several times. The speech can be said to be agreat demonstration of the injustices and the segregation that theNegros were going through in the United States (King, 1900).

The charismatic character of King is clearly evident in the speech.He was able to mesmerize over quarter a million people with thisspeech. The contents and words of the speech are extremely deep andsoulful. It is evident that the use of Lincoln’s life as thefoundation of the King’s speech gives it credibility and immensevalue (Sundquist, 2009). The use of imagery in the speech is alsoevident. This is viewed as a tactic by the great speech writer, whichadds meaning and depth to the words, as well as the speech intotality.

It is essential to point that the use of the phrase “one hundredyears ago” in the speech has helped to bring out the relevance andthe importance of the issue at hand (King, 1900). Equally, theincorporation of the ancestors in the speech has also addedcredibility to the speech. Additionally, King addresses the audiencedirectly. This creates immense emotions and urge to pursue the coursefor freedom (King &amp Nelson, 2012). The speech can only bedescribed as perfect in all aspects. The speech appeals to everyperson color in the United States.


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