Favorite Brand



Myfavorite brand is Starbucks coffee. There are several reasons why itis my favorite. First, this brand has been in existence for manyyears. To me Starbucks coffee is a culture that I have adopted andblended with over the years. One can find Starbucks stores all overthe world. When outside the United States and want to experience thefeeling of being home, I visit Starbucks and enjoy a cup of coffeeand the unique experience that comes with this coffee.

Secondly,the quality of Starbucks coffee is premium. The company has longexperience in roasting coffee beans hence their coffee is of highquality taste and flavor. The quality of Starbucks coffee cannot becompared with that of competitors (Schwartz, 2008). Despite beinghighly priced, I feel that I get the value for my money as thequality matches the price.

Thirdly,Starbucks coffee is more than coffee. Once in a Starbucks store, theambience is incredibly pleasant. Starbucks offers more than justcoffee. They offer unique services including music, free Wi-Fiservices, tranquil atmosphere, great music and an environment ofsocial meeting spot for their customers, which make the Starbuckscoffee more than just coffee (Schwartz, 2008).

Starbuckshave been successful in building loyal customer relationships acrossthe market. The company’s core competence is its capacity toeffectively leverage their typical product differentiation approachesby offering a first-class product mix of high standard coffee andother beverages and snacks. Starbucks is a place where people,regardless of their age can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee as theychat. The company’s brand equity is based on marketing first classquality coffee and complementary products and ensuring every customerexperiences the exceptional “Starbucks Experience” (Thompson &ampShah, n.d). This experience is obtained from excellent customerservice and superbly hygienic stores reflecting the cultures of thepopulace they serve. The idea of the “Starbucks experience” bythe company is to make its stores a “third place” after home andworkplace. These aspects help Starbucks maintain a high profile ofcustomer loyalty and a unique culture (Thompson &amp Shah, n.d).

Starbuckscreatively leverages technology with its Starbucks App in bothAndroid and Apple operating systems. This has helped the companyconnect to its customers, world over enhancing their experience inStarbucks. In addition, it has loyalty dedicated programs to enhancecustomer loyalty partnerships including Starbucks Reward Card. Thecard is a value card, which offers convenience besides supportinggifting as well as boost the number of visits by card holders as itis integrated with their Smartphone and social networks (Clifford,2010).

Starbucksfaces stiff competition from different food stores among them beingDunkin Donuts and McDonald who have also ventured in the coffeemarket. Nevertheless, these firms have not been able to match thestandards and the experience that is offered in Starbucks.Competitors have even tried to offer their coffee at lower prices,but the fact remains their quality and experience cannot be comparedwith Starbucks. Starbucks positioning as a coffee shop also gives itadvantage in knowing the coffee business, obtaining the best coffeebeans and innovative roasting technology. This makes Starbucks myfavorite brand of all times. Ultimately, Starbucks as a brand haspassed the test of time as one of the greatest global brands. I ampersonally proud of associating myself with this great brand.


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