‘Betterto have three real friends than one hundred thousand digital ones,`this are words echoed by Robin Sharma to reflect on the role offriendship. True friendship entails knowing each other andunderstanding the surrounding situations. A friend is a person whowill accept you the way you are with no discrimination. Man wascreated a social being and, therefore, having friends is a paramountpart of life. Real friends complete the life of a person in allaspects, be it emotional, religious or even economical. However, itis wise to understand the various kinds of friends that exist in oursociety.

Mainly,there are three categories of friends in life these areacquaintances, best friends and fake friends. Best friends are thosepeople that are close to the heart of a person. They are there foryou at all the times be it festive time or mourning times. A bestfriend is always honest with a person in matters related to theirlives. They are slow to criticize but are quick to offer correction.They help in shaping the personality of a person.

Theother types of friends are the fake friends who are there for theirown convenience. This group will merry with you at festive momentsbut quickly abandon you in times of trouble. They always tend to beon your back all the times criticizing your actions and way of life.Lastly, there are acquaintances that are not close to you, but arealmost best friends. These friends mostly happen at institutionallevels and if well nurtured will give birth to best friends.

‘Theroad to a friend’s house is never long,` for this matter, it isadvisable to keep a close look at the kind of friends to have. Alwaysappreciate best friends and try to improve the tie withacquaintances. It is also important to learn the tactics used by fakefriends and avoid their ways. As friends, it is important to hold tothe good principles of true friendship.