Fundamental Writing Skills

FundamentalWriting Skills


WritingInstructions and notes

Writingtakes various forms and in different circumstance some writing maybe formal while others maybe informal. However, in all aspects ofsuccessful writing, the written content should be concise, accurateand genuine in conveying the message. In most cases, one should gaugetheir tone, be persuasive, be brief and take great care in the choiceof words used. Writing notes and instructions is often difficult asindividuals read and interpret the written message differently(Laurie &amp Deborah, 2010). Nonetheless, notes and otherinstructions should be written in a comprehensive, simple and logicalmanner. This means been concise, clear, know the audience, create aflow and design the page of written instruction to enhancereadability and aesthetic (Phillip, 2012).

WritingScenario communicating message about a client Visit at workplace

  • The note would be concise and clear

  • Have an introduction

  • Subject or aim specific issue that needs to be explained

  • Create a flow while ensuring that the note is brief

  • Use formal and appealing words, design and avoid commanding voice.

Whenwriting a note to the boss the note message may be same but the tone,choice of words, length and length may be different from that of thecoworker or employee. The man difference would be the level offormality. A note that is addressed to boss need to have the personspecific name typed in the address as well as the position thatperson holds within the company. A note addressed tocoworkers andemployee may be informal, assertive or instructional and the lengthmay not be much of an issue (Ann &amp Maria, 2012).

Writinga note about a client who intends to visit the worksite

Noteemail to the Leadership/Management

To: [email protected]

Cc:[email protected]

DearMr. Paulo

Re:A visit by AntonioCapobianco

Thisis to inform you about Mr. Capobianco intention to visit to ourworkplace on Friday July 25, 2014 at 11.00 am. The guest is a loyalcustomer to our firm for more than five years. Mr. Capobianco is thegeneral manager of Caritas Holdings that supplies our organizationwith furniture.

Wehave made great business ties with his firm over years and this hasenhanced the growth of our business. It is important to note that,the guest’s firm was instrumental in supporting our constructionproject last summer through their generous donation.

Therefore,it is important you plan to have a talk with him as he tours ourprojects. If it will not be possible to meet him, we can request himto reschedule his visit or you can leave some message for him.

Thanksin advance.

Yoursin service,


EmailMessage to Co-workers

To:All staffs

Cc:[email protected]


ReVisit by Mr. Capobianco

Youare hereby, notified that on Friday July 25, 2014, at 11.00 am Mr.Capobianco our longtime client will be visiting our premises. Mr.Capobianco is the general manager of Caritas Holdings that suppliesour organization with furniture. We have made great business tieswith his firm over years and this has enhanced the growth of ourbusiness. For this reason, you are requested to accord him cordialwelcome as he visits our various departments. Therefore, you are allrequested to be present in your offices during the time of visit.

Thanksin advance.



EmailMessage to an employee

To:Nickson Lerbat, [email protected]


Re:A visit by Mr. Capobianco

Thisis to inform you that Mr. Capobianco our longtime client will bevisiting our office on Friday July 25, 2014 at Capobiancois the general manager of Caritas Holdings that supplies ourorganization with furniture. We have made great business ties withhis firm over years and this has enhanced the growth of our business.Therefore, you are requested to show him around the departments whenhe comes.In addition, you are requested to prepare the meeting venueand refreshments prior that day.



Inwriting these separate emails, each message was written in regard tothe subject addressed. The tone, content and clarity differ from onesubject to the other. Likewise the tone and formality used in thedifferent emails varies depending on the audience addressed theemail to the employee carries an element of authoritative andcommanding whereas that of the Management is persuasive, moredescriptive and uses a formal style (Foster, 2004). The email messagefor co-workers is less formal, have some level of instructions and acasual tone. Although all emails are informative, there exists somedifference in clarity, length and the flow of information (Kolin,2012).


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