GenericStrategies SWOT Analysis

SectionA: Tim Hortons Inc: resources strength and weakness

TimHortons Inc is considered to be the biggest fast food stores in NorthAmerica with more than twice the number of Mcdonald outlets. It mainproducts includes doughnuts and coffee. Economies of scale andfinancial leverage are one of the most important resources strengthatTim Hortons Inc. Since it is a well established company in NorthAmerica, Tim Hortons Inc commands numerous financial and economicadvantage. The company is able to acquire cheap financial servicessuch as loans due to its financial might, which has significantlyinfluenced its expansion. Additionally, due to the economy of thecompany’s operations, it has been able to establish some of themost iconic brand, especially in Canada and the United States whichenables withstand stiff competition from other fast food companies inthe region (Andrew, 2012).

Thebiggest resource weakness of Tim Hortons Inc is the fact that it hassimilar products compared to other fast food stores. This has allowedother stores such as McCafe to duplicate some of the famous TimHortons Inc products. As a result, Tim Hortons Inc risks losing thepower of its brand name (Andrew, 2012).

Section2: SWOT Analysis: Chinese Fireworks Industry

Fireworksare devices that provide sound and visual effects through explosivesand combustion. Throughout history, especially among the civilizationfrom the east, Chinese and Indians, fireworks were an importantaspect of cerebrations and festivals such as New Year celebrationsand ceremonial occasions. In the modern times, fireworks are widelyused through out the world. Below is a SWOT analysis of the Chinesefireworks industry.



  • Economies of scale. Chinese fireworks are able to reduce unit production cost through mass production.

  • Market dominance: The Chinese firework industry has been able to dominate the global market.

  • Strong distribution networks: The industry has established stable which enables them reach the consumers faster and efficiently.

  • Chinese fireworks produce highly differentiated products for specific consumers in different parts of the world.

  • There are only a handful of customers targeted by the Chinese firework industry.

  • Safety issues associated with Chinese fireworks.

  • High risky materials which attract numerous safety regulation in transport, storage and use.

  • Majority of fireworks users do not deal with the fireworks directly due to risks associated with them as well as safety regulations. Customers employ the services of licensed fireworks agents.



  • Sustainably increasing demand for fireworks in different parts of the world.

  • Adoption of new technologies such as Laser beams and sound effects products to meet emerging customers needs.

  • Mergers with other major fireworks industry players, including fireworks agents, to make production and distribution strategies across the world efficient and economical.

  • Online marketing and shopping to reduce the cost of doing business.

  • Inferior products from the competitors providing a chance to strengthen market dominance.

  • High number of fireworks producers in other parts of the world.

  • Technological development which has threatened to erode the fireworks market, for example the emergence of Laser beams and sound effects which are more secure and better substitutes.


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