Geographical Influence on Place Where I Live


GeographicalInfluence on Place Where I Live


Chicagoemerges as the third leading city in the United States, in terms ofsize. The city comprises of the downtown region referred as the Loop(Hudson,2006. Pp 5). The South Side, North Side, and the West Side are nameddepending on the direction from the Loop. Each of these sides hasnumerous neighborhoods. In different occasions, Chicagoans identifieswith their neighborhood from the city, which reflects their real homeplace and culture. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the city ofChicago has an estimated area of 606.1 km^2. 588.3 km^2 is under landwhile 17.8 km^2 is covered by water. This implies that, out of thetotal area of the city, 2.94% is water (Livingstone &ampWithers,1999. Pp 68). Chicago is built on a relatively flat area and theattitude of the region is 176 m above the sea level. On the otherhand, the city is located to the north of Illinois and to the SouthWestern tilt of the Michigan Lake.


Theman-made and natural landscapes are exceedingly critical indetermining the culture of individuals in a given geographicallocation. This is the case for these features in the Chicago city.Take, for instance, Chicago has a vast area covered by forest andgrassland, which helps in determining the culture of the individualsthat live in these regions. Besides, the forest preserves availableas man-made features are also associated with the culture of thepeople living in Chicago. On the other hand, there are variousMichigan Lake beaches and other beaches, which provide a vitaldetermination of the culture of the people living here (Hudson,2006. Pp 75). For example, tourism and trade are common culturesbecause of these landscapes. Therefore, man-made and naturallandscapes of Chicago determine the culture of this region.


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