Health Care Reform Debate

HealthCare Reform Debate

Healthcarereform has been one of the longest and hot debates in the US’seconomy. As much as quality facility have been set to offer healthservices, the issues of insurance and how it works has been widelydebated. While many people within the US’s economy finds itsensible to go for health insurance, there are many questions on thenature of the insurance and how it operates. Debates of healthreforms with regards to insurance are focused on how it works, whenit works, and when it does not. People asking these questions arejustified based on the fact that health is a very sensitive part ofthe society hence the need to deploy accuracy (Gibson and Janardan22-28). It is on this ground that people have gone ahead to seekinformation about event independence, cost satiability and symmetricinformation.

Eventindependence as key part of any insurance contains the contingenciesagainst which people insure. This is a key as it determines the levelo claim. The cost- measurability element is also key issue asinsurance firms focus on attaining of insurance by clients. Despiteall these requirements, health insurance which is considered a keymove towards health reforms has proven to be daunting than otherkinds of insurance (Kronenfeld and Michael 11-19). This is becausepeople within the society feel health is sensitive and its insuranceshould not have limitation. However, the issue of cost also comes inmaking it difficult for the people in lower social status to embracethe unlimited health insurance. This is one of the sections whichhave sparked the health debate in the US. As much as insuranceservices are believed to be quality, the cost of affordabilityelement takes center stage.


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