Healthcare Critique


Insickness and wealth

Thefollowing discussion indulges itself to criticize a correlationbetween sickness and wealth. In order to criticize the relationshipbetween sickness and wealth, several salient features have to betaken into consideration.

Oneof the salient features that affect health is income inequalities. Itis been observed that the best form of medication can only beassociated with the wealth. This is not the case as many hospitaltreatment charges are balanced for everybody. There are no diseasesthat are categorized to be experienced by the rich or the poor.

Inequitablesocial policies can also be one of causes that impact health care.These social inequalities make a person unable to access medicationsdue to inadequate funds or moral support. This statement can becriticized because all social policies formulated apply to everyoneirrespective of race, wealth, or religion (NACCHO, 2013).

Anothersalient feature affecting health care is racism and classdistinctions. Class distinction does not determine who gets sick ornot. The wealthy and the poor can get sick of the same disease.Racial distinction in determining who gets sick can also receivecriticism as any person, irrespective of color, can get sick. Thoseabove social class are full of opportunities for good health.

Fromthe above critique, the issue of income inequalities can be overcomeby social spending. Social spending decreases the rate of poverty bya high margin. Solutions for social inequalities should be addressedby involving a holistic combination of all members of the society inunderlining the causes of sicknesses. In summary, it has beenobserved that sickness and wealth are not interrelated. Factors suchas racism, economic inequalities, and social inequalities do notnecessarily mean that they are the fundamental contributors ofsicknesses.


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