is medium-sized deciduous shrub with showy sterile flowers. The herbhas had very many historical uses had been used with great advantagesto the Cherokee Indians. arborescens has been used as astone solvent. Based on its stone-dissolving properties, the herb isable to stop the pain associated with gravel deposits when theprickly points of the crystals pierce the kidney or ureter bydissolving the stones partially or fully. Therefore, due to abilityof the herb to dissolve stones, the fluids extract is principallyused to cure calculi, chronic gleets, calcium oxalate deposits, stonydeposits and cystitis. Markedly, has made the herb a curative forbone spurs or the calcification of muscles.

arborescens has also had an anti-inflammatory action since itcontains alkaloids which bring about a cortisone-like effect. Thediaphoreticand purgative actionmakes the herb to be used to cure the urinary tract disease,arthritis, kidney infection and inflammation, alkaline urine andbladder irritation caused by mucus (Christopher, 2009). It alsorelieves backaches due to kidney trouble.

Grieves(2006) herb has also been known to possess blood purifying actionwhich causes a diuretic action a urinary remedy that helps counterimbalances that may be in the urinary system such as kidney andbladder problems and rheumatism. Notably, the blood purifying actionalso made the herd a cure for arteriosclerosis, broncho-pulmonicaffection and acute nephritis.

DrJohn R. Christopher and Mrs. M. Grieve note that arborescens has had very many historical medicinal action and uses.When used in the recommended manner, the chemicals in the herb arenon-toxic and the chemical composition is pre-dominantly curative.


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