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ISee America Dancing

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July12, 2014.

ISee America Dancing

Dancingis a form of artistic entertainment that involves a rhythmicalmovement of the body to the tune of music. History is rich withcultural incidents of dancing that were used as a form of socialinteractions, in spiritual rituals, celebrations, exercises,emotional expressions and entertainments. Many styles and genres haveevolved over time in regard to dancing. Modern dancing is directed bychoreographers. The advent of 20thcentury witnessed a great explosion in dancing styles with varyingdancing techniques. Isadora was an American choreographer and dancerwho was instrumental in influencing the growth of American dance.Although the modern dancing style cannot be clearly defined the workof the early dance pioneers nurtured the dancing culture in theAmerican society. The first generation of American modern danceconcert discovery could be attributed to Katherine Dunham and MarthaGraham and others (Stephanie,2008).

MarthaGraham “The Triumph of St. Joan.”

Shewas an American modern dancer whose dancing was influential inappearance and movements. One conspicuous trait if this choreographeris that she instituted a dancing style that was philosophically andstylistically different from that of her mentors. Her dance style wasa reflection of her personality and the American life. In particular,her technique of dancing was expressive through the rhythmical aspectof ‘contraction’ and ‘release’ in breath. Her message to theAmerican society was that, it is through dancing that one’s ‘innerbeing’ was expressed.

Inaddition, her dances covered a wide range of topics and societiessuch as Greek myths, emotional states among others. In particular,she choreographed many dances from different songs one case is ‘TheTriumph of St. Joan’ this was an expressive dance in style andadopting a symphony form with slow movements to depict the sereneemotions of the songs them. The dance was organized in threemovements the first was ‘the Maid,’ the second was the ‘Warrior,’and the third was ‘The saint.’ The work of Martha Graham wasinstrumental in shaping and teaching modern dance compositions(Stephanie, 2008).

Inparticular Martha work promoted dance of expression which broughtalternative dance to modern American dance. Her dancing techniques ofpromoting personal statement and expression are prevalent as modernthemes of dancing. These techniques and themes of dancing adopted byMartha reflected the American social life as well as other societiesduring that time. Her perspective on dancing was in complete rebel toat the earlier dancers had established she invented a vigorous andcomplex dancing technique that would have taken the balletchoreographer centuries to compose.

AngiePontani “The Gossip Girl.”


Theyperform in trio, commonly known as the Potani sisters. They haveperformed in many events using their burlesque dancing style higheclectic variety of dancing styles that involve the twentieth centuryRock and Roll style. Their performances involve adoring exoticcostumes that feature ostrich feathers, fancy hairdressers andsequins. She has performed and co-produced many performances in thetelevisions (Foulkes,2002).

‘TheGossip Girl.’

Inthis program, the Potani sisters engage in a highly stylized triodance laden with Burlesque dancing techniques. The dance performanceuses eclectic and high energy dancing style. The dancing style andtechnique is a mixture of the 20th-centurydancing styles such as Rock and Roll. Their dancing style is modernin style and embraces a mixture of dancing style which resonates wellwith current Rock and Roll music this makes it more appealingespecially in the rigor and costumes worn by the dancers. The danceis burlesque in style with three dancers. The dance uses the ‘go-go’stylistic form where dancers vigorously dance on the boardwalk. Thethree dancers regard themselves as sisters and perform together inmost dances. However, Angie is the sole choreographer who composesmost of the dancing techniques. Sometimes, Angie Potani performs assolo artists but in most occasions the trio performs uniformly, thisis important in creating a burlesque attraction and to balance theirperformance style(Foulkes, 2002).

Thereexist some difference between Graham dancing style and Angi’s.While the dancing style adopted by Graham was about self-expression.The dancing style of The Potani sisters has more body movements thanthe traditional dancing styles. There is a great influence of balletdancing on the mode of dancing adopted by the Potani Sisters unlikein Graham dancing style. Although the transitional dancing stylefocused on American culture, the contemporary dancing styles haveincorporated techniques and styles used in different cultures anddances. However, most of the historical dancing techniques have beenadopted by modern dances thereby making them more complex in styleand technique modern dance encompasses a variety of aspects inthemes, styles and techniques.


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