Illusion of success


Illusionof success

Thereare different ways of defining success. These ways depend on howdifferent people view life in general. Success can be defined indifferent aspect for example prominence, power, prosperity orhappiness. It is quite likely for a person to possess all the aboveaspects to which one can be termed as a very successful person. Thishowever can turn out badly if the success lasts only for a shortperiod due to unavoidable circumstances. These circumstances couldbe due to bad luck, personal faults, poor judgment or even terminaldiseases which could lead to death.

StevenJobs Career

Forexample, Steven Jobs an inventor and entrepreneur, also a CEO andco-founder of Apple Inc. He was adopted by Clara jobs who was anaccountant and Paul Jobs who was a machinist and coast guard expert.He was adopted while still an infant being born in California, SanFrancisco. Paul showed Jobs how to dismantle and reconstructelectronics which became a hobby to Jobs. This inspired Jobs tobecome who he became, an innovative thinker and also intelligent.Products like ipad, iPod and I phone were apple’s innovation(Ulanoff par). This has become a widely known technology in themodern times. As he once said that one had to be ready to burn andcrash that if you are frightened to fall the likelihood of gettingfar was minimal hence it shows that Jobs was a risk taker and that isone of the factors that made him succeed. He asked whatever he wantedeven when young. This is an indicator that he was a go getter too. Atthe age of twelve Jobs contacted the co-founder of HP Bill Hewlett toinquire more about spare parts. That was such an unlikely thing for atwelve year old to do. This move landed Jobs a summer job with BillHewlett as well as obtaining the spare parts he was inquiring about.Picking up a phone to inquire about something is a thing that mostpeople are scared to do, thus making that a bridge between those whoactually carry out tasks from those who just delude about the tasks.

Itis quite rare to find a successful entrepreneur who has never riskedfailure. A lot of successful persons see an outcome that was neverintended instead of failure. History, art and culture were veryimportant to Jobs. This prompted him to create great products withthe intention of also using them. He was a great innovator and thissaw him create ipads for people where it reached a point that peoplecould not live without them. The ipads created all kinds of businessgroups. His thinking was not on how to compete with customers butrather on how to create better devices. For creativity to flourish,experiences in life are an essential principle. Industries likecomputer operating systems, mobile phones, personal computing,Hollywood animation, publishing, music and tablet computers weredisrupted by Jobs during his career days. Being named as the decade’sCEO in year 2009, he captured the market for quick memories for year2000s. Jobs created the planet’s major and most flourishingstartup. From the year 1998 to 2011 at the time when Jobs passed on,Apple became a lesson that companies can evade a dilemma oninnovation. Steve Jobs showed that whatever that is around us wascreated by someone who was not smarter than us (Ulanoff par).Therefore one can influence, change and build something that can beused by other people.

StevenJobs Death

DespiteJobs widely known success, he could not predict his death. His healthbecame poor regardless of the technology he brought which up to nowhas never been forgotten. He had pancreatic cancer which caused hisdeath at the age of 56. It is quite a sad thing for such a successfulperson to die at such an age which cannot be termed as old age.Therefore in Jobs case, health is seen to be the circumstance atwhich his success lasted a short period. His death created a greatimpact to the company and especially to his co-founder Tim Cook(Ulanoff par). Jobs lengthy fight with cancer made him not enjoy hissuccess as he ought to have. As my parents always tell me that healthcomes first and it is important than anything. Jobs health did notallow him to enjoy his success or allow him to be more innovative asdeath claimed his life at an early age. I can only imagine with hisintelligence what more accomplishments he could have achieved if hewas in perfect health condition. Apple would have achieved fargreater things by now. Sorry to say that health and later deathwasted such a resourceful and intelligent person. In Jobs case, Icould say that he came face to face with bad luck.

Howthe footsteps of a genius should be followed is one question Tim cookkept asking himself for two years since Steve Jobs death. Cook beingan operational wizard acted as the overseer of Apple several monthsprior to Jobs death which occurred in the year 2011 on 5th October.It was quite a challenge for Cook to maintain the success of thecompany. It however has shed a quarter of what it had achieved. Thisis a clear indication of what a person’s demise can negativelyaffect his success. Shareholders have started questioning theprosperity of the company due to this drop. Jobs success could nothave been compared with any other executives’ success, and it washard to find someone who could have replaced his intelligence andthis worried the shareholders together with the investors.


Itis quite clear about what my parents always tell me about health.Health comes first before anything else. The moment you becomeunhealthy, your body becomes weak and it is difficult to achieve somecertain goals. You can delegate your duty to another person but theoutput cannot be compared with the specific person. This is seen inJobs case in that irrespective of Cook his co-founder having acted asthe CEO of the company for a while before the demise of Steve Jobs,He could not keep up the success that Jobs Had installed in thecompany. The company is said to have dropped by a quarter whichresulted to worry and questions arising from the shareholders and theanalysts. During Jobs management with Cook assistance as the headoperating administrator, Apple was able to achieve far much more thanwhat other companies could not achieve and this led to the title ofthe decade’s CEO in the year 2009. Apple became a $440 billioncompany just by a supply chain which was sophistically developed.Jobs death was a deadly blow to the company as well to the moderntechnology. It was a success shortly lived by the great intelligentinventor Steven Jobs.


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