Impact of Technology on Accounting Profession


Impactof Technology on Accounting Profession

Impactof Technology

Theimpact of technology in the profession of accountancy has beenpositive and it has been the major developer of the duties andresponsibilities of an accountant. The most recognizable effect oftechnology in my profession is the machinery it provides that wouldhelp me in doing my work in an easy, fast and organize way. Thisequipment such as computers together with the internet made the fieldof accounting and business to become more competitive (Liyan, 2013).The software and the applications available could also help me inorganizing the organizations transaction reports to have a moreaccurate data. With the help of technology, decision making would befaster and easier since my works would only use small amount of time.

Responsibilitiesof Accountant to Business Intelligence Implementation

Asan accountant, I should have the basic responsibilities in recordingand communicating the organization’s transactions. In the case ofbusiness intelligence implementation, my major responsibilities wouldbe expanding the organization’s information especially theaccounting information for the business intelligence to evolve. Thisinformation is needed for the major decision making of theorganization. The information technology would help me in ensuringthe data quality and help articulating the information for thedecision making (Liyan, 2013).

Areasof Technology to Focus

Theareas of technology that I should focus on are the software and theinformation security. The software such as spreadsheet programs wouldhelp me in organizing and reporting the information and could besaved in only a single location. With the threats and risks of usinginformation technology in recording organization’s data, I shouldalso focus on handling information security to limit the access onthe organization’s confidential information.


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