Informative Speech



Topic:why donating blood is crucial

Centralidea: to inform the audience to take action and commence donatingblood


Didyou know there is no man-made substitute for human blood? Thisimplies that without humans donating blood, there will be no survivalof humans that require blood emanating from diseases such as thesickle cell anemia and accidents.


Humanblood is usually composed of the White Blood Cells (WBC, plateletsand Erythrocytes (RBC). The RBC has a primary function oftransporting respiratory gases in and out of the cells. On the otherhand, the WBCs are critical in helping to fight against diseases.This implies that in case an individual lacks blood, there are nochances of surviving.


Sincethere is no man-made substitutions for human blood and there are nochances left for survival without blood, there is a need for humansto donate blood in order to increase the chances of human survivalwhen faced with serious situations such as accidents (Tay &ampTien,2010). In case individuals do not donate blood, people in theemergency conditions requiring blood will not survive.


Savinga life commences by keeping on donating blood. Individuals shouldalways have a desire to donate blood because it mitigates the numberof individuals that lose their lives annually. In case individuals donot take the initiative by donating blood, there will be an increasein the number of individuals that lose their lives annually due to alack of blood (Tay &ampTien,2010).


Ratherthan seeing individuals lose their lives because of lack of blood, itis always critical to donate blood in order to save these lives.Remember, life is always worth saving.


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