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ComedicElements in Frozen 2013

Frozenis a typical hilarious comedy with a contemporary setting. The filmuses common societal themes addressing unity among women. Frozenemploys modern technology to deliver humor on the context of ordinaryevents within a society. The directors of Frozen include Jennifer Leeand Chris Buck. The two professionals use new technology of animationthrough unique comic effects of different characters such as SnowmanOlaf. Olaf depicts an overshadowing effect on other charactersoccasionally as a sight gag. This technique achieves a significantimpact on the audience through different scenes.

Theintroduction of the movie Frozen depicts a humorous setting asSnowman Olaf sets the comic mood on the beach in a relaxed position.This scene emulates a modern trend of the society of spending leisureon the beach. The setting is comical since the character Olaf is amysterious party developed in the story. The significance of thescene is to introduce the audience into the theme of the movie plot. Olaf acts like a snowman surviving on the extreme weather whiledreaming of warm weather in summer. The symbolic humor of thecharacter Olaf originates from the immediate scene of the beachenhancing a comic effect through the introductory scenes. SnowmanOlaf acts as a clown in the play through the evitable dreamspresented in his imaginations of the summer weather. The reality ofthe entire scene depicts a satirical setting where snow contradictswith heat or any other form of warm weather. The directors of thefilm Frozen achieve a relevant scene through this scene from theexpressions by Olaf. A practical setting of such a scenario generateshumor from the contrast and imaginary dreams of the charactersnowman. The punchline of the comic effect is achieved as Olaf sipsthe cocktail drink and reads a magazine. The modern animation is anexample of an entertainer classical movie and piece of performingarts.

Frozenis a humorous film that applies a sophisticated technique within aliteral relevancy. The film shows Olaf singing a summer song thatdescribes a warm environment with heated water. Common knowledgeelaborates the process of melting ice by using warm water. This is alaughable scenario with adverse creativity employed on differentscenes. Olaf dances to a summer song in an amusing manner. Thedirectors of Frozen present a hysterical moment by elaborating thesong through a performance by Olaf. The dancing scene portraysfrantic memories as Olaf dance over boiling water. The humor of thescene originates from the practical application of boiling water andice. The setting is a creative design that entertains an immediateaudience.

SnowmanOlaf is hilarious during the introductory scenes where he meetsKristoff and Anna. Olaf is comical about pretty Anna while ridiculingthe character Hans. He prolongs his conversation with the othercharacters with a definite accent. This setting provides the idealeffects evident in modern day formal communications. The humor in thesecond scene originates from Olaf’s choice of words andcommunication style. The directors receive appreciation of the filmthrough a unique presentation of Olaf. The comicality of the filmrevolves around Olaf’s moments with admiration to a different warmweather. The film Frozen elaborates a sophisticated clown who is Olafthrough different scenarios and circumstances. The snowman’sjustifies the humor in the entire movie through simple communicationand movements. The comical effects exposed in the film develop overvarious scenes and character interaction. This plotting techniqueelaborates the film’s themes of humor by connecting the audience tothe characters.

Olafdevelops hilarious moments with the character Sven during anyinteraction in the film. Sven is a wild character that reacts tosimple provocation from other members in the story. Snowman Olafmanipulates Sven’s behavior by evoking humor and laughter for theaudience. An exemplary scene is where Olaf refers to Sven as a raindeer while laughing the matter. Olaf is aware of the repercussions ofhis actions but decides to proceed with indecisive behavior. Thissetting achieves a humorous effect on the audience and justifies theOlaf as the typical clown in the film. Olaf sees a flower in an icefield then walks to smell the flower scent. His nose is a carrot thatdrops on the ice while he sneezes. Sven as a rain deer walks to grabthe carrot before Olaf who is struggling to retrieve the same carrot.The struggle between the two characters generates humor to theaudience as each slide on the slippery surface of the ice. Thescenario is a funny moment as the two characters act as enemies wholater have the same interests. The directors of Frozen use artistictechnique to incorporate different characters within similar aspectsof common interest. The decision to generate an overall crown by thedirectors is a justification from the character Olaf who providesboth entertainment and laughter to the audience.