CharacterAnalysis Essay

Inthe story, one can attest that Angela Vicario is the main character.The novel quotes her a lot and she has the strongest narrative voice.In analysis of the novel, Angela Vicario comes out as a center ofmystery that is in the interest of the narrator to unravel. This issupported by the fact that Angela is the only character who knowswhether or not Santiago broke her virginity (O’Donnell 1069). Asthe story comes to a conclusion, she is enigmatic since there is norevelation regarding Santiago.

Accordingto this novel, Angela Vicario is a distant cousin of the narrator. Ofher four sisters, she is the most beautiful (Gas 43). Nonetheless,the narrator asserts that she had a “helpless air and poverty ofspirit that augured an uncertain future for her.” Every othermoment, Angela used to make cloth and flowers as she sat in herwindow and the narrator thought that Angela looked more destituteevery year. The narrator captures that her “penury of spirit hadbeen aggravated by the years,” so much that when individuals learntthat Bayado San Roman wanted to marry her, it looked like an outsidescheme (Teubner, 460).

Accordingto Angela, it was not in her plight to marry him given that he wasmuch of a man for her (Márquez 31). Angela thought he was stuck up,and was simply a Polack. Additionally, Angela had a feeling thatBaryado did not court her and it was just a mere bonding with thefamily something that irritated her. Conversely, her mother was ofthe opinion that love could be learnt (Márquez 31). The position ofher mother regarding marriage seems to have been right given that thetwo fell in love after he returned Angela to her house. The narratorcaptures this when he says that “she was so mature and witty thatit was difficult to believe that she was the same person.” When thenarrator asks if Santiago Nasar was a party to her virginity, shereplied, “Don’t beat it to death, cousin. He was the one (Dale32).”

Further,Angela is seen to be obsessed with San Roman and writes letters tohim for her seventeen years (Márquez 94). They come together andAngela feels she has found her desire in life. Their love does notseem to clear the virginity issue and it seems she is very honest100.


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