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Every day a lot of children’saround the world are dying because of wars, obesity and hunger. Butcan someone believe the fact that a mother can kill her own baby? Noone would believe that, in fact this is what happens when women havean abortion. a lot of mothers are giving up on there babies becauseof the high cost of living, mistake pregnancy, disability in a child,teen pregnancy among other reasons. Abortion should not be a secondchoice for pregnant women because when it happens it shows theneglect of the sanctity of human life.

Abortion is murder and should betreated as such. Since abortion was legalized in Spain 40 years ago,over 56 million children have been aborted, a number which is higherthan the country’s population (TPF Student Action N.P). This iseven higher than the lives lost during World War I and II. Killingunborn children is unethical because, if we have to perpetuate humanlife, we need to uphold life. The constitution upholds life, yet itallows for abortion. As mother Teresa of Calcutta once comparedabortion to murder “If a mother can kill her own child – what isleft for me to kill you and you to kill me – there is nothingbetween.” (Chauhan4).

Respectable medical literatureshave confirmed that life begins at conception. Only objects such ascars come into being by part (Lowen N.P). Human beings come intobeing all at once and steadily unfold their world of inherentpotential (TPF Student Action N.P). Hence committing an abortion istaking away life prematurely. Taking another person’s life isunacceptable in the eyes of God and even in law.

Humans have an inherentresponsibility to preserve life. To achieve this, self preservationis the first step and extends to all humanity through domestic bondsand acknowledgement of a like nature. Terminating a pregnancy stopsthe beating heart of a developing human being, which is a directopposite to this basic responsibility. As Mahatma Gandhi who was anadvocate of peaceful civil disobedience once said, “€œIt seems tome as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime” (Day 172).This asserts that abortion is morally wrong.

Those who are pro choice arguethat, abortion during the first trimester of life is not bad as atthis time, the fetus cannot survive independent of the mother. Sinceit is linked by the placenta and the umbilical cord, the fetus`health is dependent on the mother’s health and can therefore not betermed as a separate entity, since it cannot exist outside themother’s womb (Lowen N.P). This argument fails to recognize thefact that, life begins at conception. It should be respected at allstages, be it a fetus, a child, an elderly or in any state.

Abortion should not be a secondchoice for pregnant women because when it happens it shows theneglect of the sanctity of human life.It is very clear that human life begins at conception. The humanresponsibility of preserving life is a natural instinct and abortionfails to appreciate it. Abortion is thus murder and should not beencouraged at any stage.Those who are pro choice fail to acknowledge that life begins atconception and are misguided on their view that, during the firsttrimester abortion is not bad. Nevertheless, human life is sacred andshould be protected at all stages from conception throughout thestages of development.

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