Internal Consulting Skills for HR Professionals

InternalConsulting Skills for HR Professionals

YourRole in Your Organization

NorthShore-LIJ Health System view the human resource function in thecontext of HR Impact model as incorporating aspects of catalyst,consultation, policies and procedure and programs and processes. Thatmeans that human resource professionals are required to have theability to identify problem, develop and implement policies andprocedures to solve the identify problem and enforce the policies andprocedures. That also involves being a consultant by engaging incommunication and issuance of advice. My specific role within thegeneral function in the organization is to issue interactivecommunications with regards to identified problems and suggestsustainable solutions.

Rigidityhowever cannot be sustained in the human resource working environmentas the roles overlap each other. That means that I can find myselfmoving between various levels of the Impact Model like fromconsultation to policies and procedures when am required to engage inimplementing the suggested solutions.

NorthShore-LIJ Health has its set objectives and goals which need to beachieved in the most efficient and effective manner. There arehowever organizational challenges which limit the organizationsability to do so. The organization requires human resource personnelto act proactively. That means being preventive in approach beforeperceived problems escalate to unmanageable levels.

Emilyand Don Presenting Recommendations

Themeeting which Emily and Don will present recommendations to RobertMartin is important as it will define the success of the failure ofthe efforts that had been put in place in previous meetings. Themeeting should be structure in such a way that the recommendationsbeing presented provide solutions to the challenges and problemsidentified. Robert Martin will be attending the meeting with the aimof gaining insight on the problems being faced by the organization,the interventions available and how the interventions will solve theproblem. It is therefore important to systematically start bypointing out the problems that the organization is facing andpotential problems to be faced. The interventions are thenrecommended with each one of the recommendations being specific to anidentified category. More explanation is then given on how therecommendation will solve the underlying problem. This structure ofthe meeting will ensure that Robert Martin is convinced that there isa problem which needs the solutions recommended.


Thestages in the consulting process present an interesting incorporationof activities which are aimed at ensuring efficiency andeffectiveness is achieved in decision making process in theorganization. The stages are systematic in nature and need to beperformed after one another for the desired outcome to be achieved.Their applicability in my day-to-day work is possible because theyenhance proactive response to challenges present in the organization.They ensure that my role as human resource personnel is redefined totake into consideration the changing operating environment and theavailable challenges.

Whatis going to be hard is efficiently incorporating some stages in theday-to-day work. An aspect like analysis of the data collectedrequires some given level of skills which might be limited.Identifying challenges and collecting data will be easy as they arealready integrated in the day-to-day work.

Withregards to competencies and behavioral characteristics I will need towork on developing a clear understanding of the roles andresponsibilities I have to play at each stage of the consultingprocess. That is because it will determine the efficiency andeffectiveness of the interaction that takes place between me and myclients.