1. What is their favorite book?

Myfavorite book is “The Painter,” written by Peter Heller becauseit balances chaos of human spirit with solace of nature. A45-year-old painter Jim Stegner, and angler in Peter`s book, is arough romantic. Jim professional life of creating Western arts hasearned him stable income as well as critical praise, while hispersonal life is marked by calamity and consequences of the quicktemper. Recovering from alcoholic, recently divorced, and havingserved a prison sentence for almost shooting a person to death, Jimfinds peace after throwing his line in a river. When Jim sees thestranger abusing a young horse, his quick-tempered personality againthreatens to destroy the remaining filaments of his life (Keats,2000).

  1. What is their favorite movie?

Myfavorite movie is “ThinkLike a Man Too”I first watch it in Las Vegas during wedding celebration of Michael(Terrence J) and Candace (Regina Hall). The night before this greatevent, gals and guys break up for bachelorette- and bachelor- partyadventures. The best man Cedric led men, while the maid of honorLauren took charge of women. Nevertheless, both groups did not manageto find their party groove because directionless script wanders inthe entire Vegas strip without establishing stakes value caring about(Keats, 2000).

  1. What is their favorite restaurant?

Myfavorite restaurant is Binkley`s Restaurant

  1. What is their favorite meal?

Therestaurant has wonderful combination of service and food. The mainchef Binkley together with his staff has created a gastronomicmasterpiece. The highlights their menu is the corn and lobsterrisotto that are not common in many restaurant. The tuna, lambplates, as well as salmon and beef are all delicious. However, therestaurant has one disappointing dish the cuttlefish that is blandand cheese plate seem a little dried out. Wine flights match well andare tasty. Their service is outstanding, efficient, friendly, as wellas concerned and entertaining. Binkley`s Restaurant is my favoriterestaurant and well worth to visit repeatedly (Keats, 2000).


Keats,D. M. (2000). :A practical guide for students and professionals.Sydney: UNSW Press.