Istanbul process and its purpose


Istanbulprocess and its purpose



TheIstanbul process and the purpose it serves

TheIstanbul process was founded to offer a podium to discuss issues inthe region, especially busting security, economic and securitycooperation in Afghanistan and her neighbors. This platform wasestablished in November 2011 in order to build on politicalharmonization between Afghanistan and her neighbors and its regionalassociates in handling common threats, such as counter narcotics,poverty, extremism and counterterrorism (Guttman,, 2013). The US,together with more than twenty other countries and organizations actas supporting countries to the process.

On26th of April, Almaty Kazakhstan became a host for thethird ministerial meeting of the Istanbul process. Leaders fromchina, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijani, Afghanistan, SaudiArabia, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Russia,Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan together with internationalorganizations and western countries had gathered to discuss ways tosupport regional cooperation (Guttman,, 2013).

ThisApril conference focused on the generation of Silk Routes Affiliationfor Migration in order to enhance additional cooperation and dialogueon the theme of migration. The conference also generated adeclaration to support pulling out of international forces andAfghanistan’s development (Guttman,, 2013). Diplomats fromKazakhstan gave support to regional efforts in the fields counternarcotics trafficking, trade promotion, counter-terrorism, TAPIpipeline the enlargement of transit corridors under CAREC program,and the CASA- one thousand electricity project. Kazakhstan has aidedin funding the ANSF-Afghan National Security Forces. It has alsofunded a fifty-million dollar project (Guttman,, 2013).

ThisAlmaty, conference has produced somewhat optimistic reasons. Thisplatform for dialogue among middle-east nations can be said to be amajor uniting factor which gives good prospects for the future.According to a recent meeting in Washington D.C at Johns HopkinsUniversity, Kazakhstan’s ambassador to the U.S Kairat Umarovcommented that the Istanbul process gives way for a thriving,peaceful Afghanistan (Guttman,, 2013).

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