JobApplication Summary

Myname is Melissa M Harris. I graduated from the university with aBachelors degree in Psychology. Additionally, I have basic skillstrainer (BST) with six years experience. Additionally I have sixmonths experience while working at psychosocial rehabilitation thathas provided with a hand on experience to me. Additionally, am anhonest, hardworking and committed individual that believes in thefull upholding of professionalism in all my engagements. It istherefore with great pleasure that I would like to apply into yourorganization’s robust graduate program. The organization’smission statement “service beyond self” is one of key pillarsthat has always motivated towards seeking a career development inyour organization. The mission statement is a source of inspirationto many that are willing to devote their lives toward communityempowerment (Schuman,2011).Furthermore, it is an opportunity for me to achieve selfactualization to me to be able to participate in assistingcommunities that are facing challenges across the world (Schuman,2011).&nbsp.Furthermore, I believe that it an opportunity for me to display myskills to the world at large and more so to your organization.

Additionally,I view the opportunity in your organizations graduate program as aclear opportunity to reach my goals in life. I believe it is throughsuch an opportunity that I can display my talent to the corporateworld (Schuman,2011). Moreover, it is an opportunity for me to positively contribute tothe welfare improvement in society. The opportunity would also be alearning point to for me through interaction with the moreexperienced staff that would help me develop the necessary skills inmy life.

Iwould like to therefore to humbly seek for your consideration in thegraduate program positions available. I would like to look forwardtowards your response. Thank you!


Schuman,N., &amp Nadler, B. J. (2011).&nbspTheresume and cover letter phrase book: What to write to get the jobthat`s right : plus 50 phrases you should never use!.Avon, Mass: Adams Media.