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Iam a Performance Based Manager with skills in achieving reliableimplementation and outcome across highly competent store and districtteams. I am competent in setting direction for high-end businessesdeveloping and training teams, influencing corporate decisions andbest practices and building succession plans. I am also highlyexperienced in optimizing profit limits through forecasting trends,expense management, and top line growth while supporting brandculture, continuous delivery of excellent customer experiences, andsupporting corporate values.

OBJECTIVE To emphasize my skills and proficiencies in the managementprofession

EXPERIENCE Supermercado de Walmart, Spring, Houston.

StoreManager, Spring, Houston (2006-Present )


OPERATION I manage regular performance duties of the Supermercadode Walmart, a store boasting of Multi Millions in annual sales. Mymain responsibilities are supervising visual merchandising, sales,compliance with company procedures and policies, security, inventorycontrol, and housekeeping.


TRAINING I am also involved in recruiting, training, developing, scheduling,and supervising a group of 31 employees. My main role is motivatingthe associates to innovate and strive to attain the performancegoals, as well as ascertain maintenance of fruitful store operation.


TION&amp SERVICE developing and managing essential customerrelationships for promoting good will, maximizing servicesatisfaction, as well as generating repeat and referral business thatenhance sales growth. In addition, I monitor and solve disputesbetween Supermercado de Walmart and our customers.

Wal-Mart Inc., Mount Pleasant City, Texas State. (1987To 2006)

Iwas serving as a sales associate between 1987 and 1988 in Wal-MartInc. During this duration, I managed to elevate sales in the companysignificantly, the company recognized me as one of the “risingstars” in the marketing sector of this company. Among the keyachievements I made during the period I was serving as the manager ofthe Wal-Mart. Inc in Pleasant City include, enhanced customersatisfaction, sales margin, customer satisfaction, and staffretention resulting to selection to complete Wal-Mart Inc., MountPleasant City, Texas State renowned store manger trainee program. Iwas quickly promoted from a part-time managerial job position to afull-time manager in numerous stores affiliated to the companyincluding:

2001-2006 SeniorStore Manager,“Arp,Texas”

1996-2000 StoreManager,“Arlington,Texas”

1989-1995 Assistant&nbspManager,“Asherton, Texas”


  • Providing competent leadership to both store managers and associates

  • Ensuring sales and profit increases through merchandising, associate training, correct product pricing, customer engagement, increased conversion rates and increased units per transactions.

  • Controlling expenses by using P&ampL and KPI statements to manage staff payroll, vendor and store maintenance expenses.

  • Ensuring an excellent in-store experience for customers

  • Partnering with Real Estate for new store opening

  • Controlling merchandise and monetary losses in stores through associate training, enforcement of company policies and partnership with District Manager, Loss Prevention investigators and Field Audit team

  • Developing staff for potential growth opportunities within the company



DEVELOPMENT: Bachelor of Science, Business Management,(2011 – 2013)

Universityof Phoenix “Phoenix, Arizona”


RetailManagement Certification Program,(1993 – 1995)

GeniusCity Collegeof Mount Pleasant City, Houston”

Icompleted 52 – week management training program at “City College ofSan Francisco” in 1993, as well as professional development coursesthroughout “Wal-Mart Training Program” while employed from1993-1995. The highlights of topics covered include:

•StoreOperations Management


•Inventory&amp Loss Control Management

•Profit&amp Loss Statements/ KPI’s

•FrontEnd / Back Office Store Management

•Shipping/ Receiving

•Budgeting&amp Cost Controls

•CustomerService Excellence

•Leadershipand Supervision

MerchandiseOperations &amp Plan-O-Grams

•Scheduling&amp Payroll Management


•Marketing/ Event Coordination




PROFICIENCIES:MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint POS &amp InventorySystems


REVIEWS : LeeTaylor,District Manager, Wal-Mart. Inc.

Accordingto a review published in Performance Review journal in 2008, LeeTaylor claimed that George was among the outstanding mangers in thedistrict. The review further asserted that he was classified amongthe best store managers as because he had excellent skills formotivating his associates. Taylor recognized that he used hismanaging skills to beat the sales target set for the business rightfrom the moment he was given the responsibility for supervising thestore. In addition, the Texas store he was located in during theperiod recorded the least shrinkage throughout the year.

CurtisSnell,District Manager, “Wal-Mart Inc.”.

Inanother excerpt extracted from the 2001 Performance Review Journal,Snell claimed that John’s effort in delivering groundbreaking andtransformational leadership was outstanding. He praised his brilliantleadership experience, as well as creative problem solving ability.The manager further claimed that nobody could beat John in drivingbottom-line results. Additionally, he described his dedication tothe company and the clients he was serving as inarguably motivating.