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Theauthor of God’sGrandeurreveals an importance placed on the humanity in relation to God. Thepoem’s main meaning is that the power of God is available to theliving being’s shape. The poem also reveals a bemoaning aspect ofmankind’s oblivion to the vital life force and the natural world’sdestruction. The story also explains the humanity’s taint throughthe oblivious brutality of corruption. The poem made use of anItalian sonnet (Meyer23).It incorporates fourteen lines in the entire poem eight lines fallingin the first section and six lines falling in the second section. Thepoem also follows a tradition Italian sonnet’s rhyme scheme whichis ABBAABBA followed by CDCDCD.

Meetingat Night

Meetingat nightpossesses a literal meaning of a meeting of a couple that was in loveat night. It also explained that how a man would travel for a longjourney to meet a woman. The main reason of a couple meeting at nightis because the couple was not allowed to meet. The poem, however, hada deeper meaning on top of that meaning. The poem tries to explain arelationship’s process and if someone fails to find his or her lovehe or she feel very lonely in life. It also explains that that lovecan be aimed at dream or someone and hence restrictions andchallenges are numerous before achieving his or her love. The poem isarranged in two rhyming stanzas with six lines each. The poem alsoexhibits a great rhythmic power (Meyer55).

Convergenceof the Twain

Theconvergenceof the twainhas its meaning on the titanic loss that took place in April, 1912.The poem’s meaning is the titanic vessel’s state as well as thespeculation on how the iceberg converged with the ship. The poemexplains the affiliating fate and growth of ship and iceberg vianature and time’s deification. The poem also conveys the utter andmagnitude finality of the fate of titanic. The poem also has ameaning based on the contrast between the before and after theTitanic. The poem comprises eleven stanzas, and each stanza iscomposed of three lines. All the lines have a rhyming aspect (Meyer83).Most of the poem’s words are clear with only a few requiringsorting meaning from the dictionary.

Mypapa’s waltz

Mypapa’s waltzhas its meaning as the elegy of the son to his father. The poeticdevices and language in the entire poem convey son’s love of hisfather’s memory and also a grief aspect, as a result, of theabsence of his father. The poem can also have a meaning of son’smistreatment from his father and also the grief of the son over hispast. The poem possesses some words that are hard to understand. Thepoem is arranged in stanzas with a rhyme scheme which incorporatesrhymed words at the line’s end (Meyer94).


Thepoem, NighttimeFires,has its meaning of complicated perspective of the speaker’s father.Its meaning is the strange behaviors of the speaker’s father thatwere triggered by the loss of job of speaker’s father. The strangebehaviors of the speaker’s father are revealed through imagerywhile the figurative language is explaining the young girl’s oddadventures memories. The poem is arranged in paragraphs and does nothave a rhyme scheme (Meyer108).Most of the poem words are easy to understand.


Thepoem has a literal of the writer’s relationship with hergrandmother. It explains how the writer was relating with hergrandmother and the kind of conversation they used to hold. Thewriter’s description of her grandmother as conservative, oldfashioned and very religious offers another meaning that as one growsold that person’s life tend to change as they grow old. The poem’swords were simple with some revealing some hardship and hencerequiring seeking their meaning from the dictionary. The poemcomprises of one stanza only without a rhyme scheme (Meyer167).

TheHarlem Dancer

Thepoem’s meaning is on the influence of a young prostitute on thecrowd. The poem explains the performance of this young prostitute.The performance is brought out with the help of metaphors, imageryand diction that helped in creating a paradoxical setting. The poemuses the traditional Shakespearian sonnet form and also has a rhymescheme of a-b-a-b-c-d-c-d (Meyer245).The poem, however, do not have broken stanzas.

Balladof the Landlord

Thepoem has a literal meaning of the poem is a confrontation between ablack tenant who was living in a ghetto in the United States and hislandlord. The tenant was reminding his landlord on broken steps and aleaky roof that required some maintenance, but he ignores him. Thepoem reveals a stream of threats between the tenant and the landlordand in the long run the tenant ends up in jail. The poem also meansracial discrimination. The poem is arranged in stanzas and alsocomprises of varying rhyme schemes (Meyer283).The poem uses simple and understandable words.


Harlemhas literal meaning of the limitations of the dreams of the Americansfor the African Americans. It explains how the American dream wasunviable. The poem comprises of four stanzas that possess elevenshort lines each. The poem has lyrical and rhythmic quality that isachieved through rhymes, alliteration repetition of some particularwords and stressed syllables carefully placed (Meyer323).The poem’s words are simple and understandable.


Thepoem has literal meaning of fish caught by the speaker. Although thefish was huge, it was gnarly looking and pretty old with algae andbarnacles growing on it. The poem also had a meaning that there aresome things that people come across in life that tends to remind themof themselves making them reflect upon their life. The things couldbe big or small. The poem has eight stanzas with short lines of equallengths. It also has a definite rhyme scheme of “a a b c c d.”the poem’s words are simple although some were hard to understand(Meyer345).


Meyer,Michael.&nbspTheBedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing.Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2008. Print.