TheTwilight and New Moon film portrays the love between Edward and Bellaas infatuation. She opts celebrating her eighteenth birthday with theCullen family instead of staying at her home. This happens despiteher knowledge that the Cullen family was an imminent danger in herlife. For example, Jasper (Edward’s brother) attempted was temptedto attack Bella after she injured her finger. Edward accidentallythrew her into the furniture where she was injured. However, sheemphasizes that she was willing to let Edward transform her into avampire. Her infatuation was too strong such that she could notunderstand Doctor Cullen’s advice that she would rather haveremained human since the family was doomed (Mitchell &ampReid-Walsh, 2005).

Fromthe perspective of a fan, I think the movie plot illustrates Bella asan immature girl with low self-confidence. The low self-worth iscaused by a dream she had had that she had grown older than Edwardhad. She could not imagine that over time she would look aged thanEdward. As a result, she resolves to use all means possible formaking Edward convert her into a vampire. On the other hand, themovie convinces the fans that immortal living things such as thevampires, sometimes wish they could live simple and normal lifestylein the form of human beings (Jenkins, 2005).

Thesection where Edward prevents Jasper from attacking Bella is intendedto portray him (Edward) as a hero and a justice-passionate person.The action confirms the fact that he loved Bella, and that was thereason he did not want to manipulate her by breaking her virginity(transforming her into a vampire before she could understand theconsequences of her action). In addition, Edward impresses the fanswhen he promises Bella that he could only transform her into avampire if she agrees to marry her. In other words, Bella was toabstain until after she got married to Edward (Gelder, 2005).

Fanswho believe in true love would like Team Edward because heillustrates his real love for Bella after he risks developing badblood with his brother for preventing him from harming Bella.However, the diehard fans would find Edward a coward since he wasinitially hesitant to reciprocate Bella’s love that she deliveredon a silver platter. Afterwards, he wanted to commit suicide afterrumors reached him that Bella had died. He was indecisive since hedid not investigate to substantiate the truth of the information norhad he bothered looking for Bella after he moved away from Washington(Gelder, 2005).


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