Killing Johnny Fry

is a story based on Cordell seeking revengeafter witnessing his girlfriend having rough sex with another lover.When Cordell Carmel walks in on his girlfriend Joelle engaging in akinky sex with Johnny Fry, he decides to leave quietly, unnoticed. Itstarts when he spies his longtime girlfriend, Joelle, having roughsex with Johnny on the living room floor. She does not know Cordellis watching however, he decides to stop watching them, but he feelsweakened.

The author, Walter Mosley is not afraid to push his craft in newdirections. For instance, he chose the act of sodomy to display sexin a different point of view. This style and creative style ofwriting keep the reader-glued from the first page to the last. Theauthor chose to write something that would portray the intensity ofthe sexual act that Joelle and Johnny Fry were having. Additionally,the author creates a clear picture on the readers mind when he writesthat a Johnny’s large shaft was penetrating Cordell’s girlfriendin the rectum.

Moreover, many books talk about human sexuality in the market. Thechoice by the author to use explicit and detailed illustrations wouldmake the book stand out from the rest. Moreover, this detailedinformation plays a major role in creating pleasure of reading thisbook. The trauma of betrayal and the type of sex that his girlfriendhad transforms Cordell into a depraved (though kindhearted) creaturewith an insistent erection.

Consequently, he begins to have sex in new positions and places, withcolleagues, neighbors, strangers and his unfaithful lover.Additionally, the act of sodomy makes Cordell understand why womenneed an outside man. For instance, he learned that there are thingshis girlfriend wanted, but could not ask. However, Johnny Fry wasready to satisfy her sexual fantasies. Moreover, using anal sex wouldeasily make the reader comprehend what was the ignition to Cordell’sjourney of sexual adventure.

After Cordell witnessed the sexual betrayal by his girlfriend, henever wanted Joelle to know that he had witnessed her unfaithfulacts. At the point when he met the security guard, he had to lie thathe never reached his girlfriend’s apartment. On the occasions whenhe remembered the actions of Johnny Fry and his girlfriend, he foundhimself having an erection. He felt embarrassed and tried to hide itfrom two women who had already noticed the erection. Cordell tried tohide it from being so obvious by turning away.

On his way along the streets, he passed an adult shop. Buying adultmovies was not his usual thing. However, he decides to enter and buyporn movie from the wide variety in the adult movies shop. He goesthrough some of the titles, but one movie captures his attention. Themovie titled The Myth of Sisypha. The movie was a tale of a womannamed Sisypha Seaman. It was a story about a woman who was havingsexual relations with younger men behind her husband’s back.Additionally, the movie also had an exciting part that caughtCordell’s attention. This part was the one that gave anillustration on what happened after her husband found out.

The movie titled The Myth of Sisypha had significance inCordell’s situation at that specific moment. For the case, he hadjust witnessed his girlfriend having sexual relation with anotherman. He then finds time to watch a movie. However, the movie was notthe kind of porn he expected to watch. He considered returning it tothe movie shop. However, he kept watching because he felt like themovie was talking about him and Joelle. He felt like Mel was he, andSisypha was his girlfriend Joelle. Cordell wanted to have revenge,and he hoped to find a solution from the storyline of the movie.

Joelle’s sexual betrayal ignited Cordell’s sexual odyssey. Afterhe had seen his girlfriend’s sexual act with Johnny, he gainedanother view on defining sex. He even asserts that he came tounderstand why women needed an outside man. Moreover, he was able toovercome his fear and courageously buy a porn movie for himself. Ifhe had not seen the sexual act between Joelle and Johnny Fry, hewould always be afraid to bring any pornographic material on thecashier`s table. Moreover, that experience made him have rough sexwith Joelle later in the book.

Additionally, after Cordell witnessed Joelle betraying him withJohnny, he was exposed to something that he was not used to. Hewitnessed Johnny fry getting intimate with Joelle through unusualway. Cordell watched his girlfriend being pleased with another man.At first, he never understood whether she was having pleasure from itor if she felt pain. For instance, when he heard her screaming, hedecided to return. He thought that she wanted Johnny to stop.However, after a closer observation he noticed her calling Johnny“daddy” and requesting him to penetrate her even harder.

That was the start of Cordell discovering his sexual Odyssey. Forinstance, he experienced hard erections each time he rememberedJohnny and his girlfriend in the sexual act. When he had anopportunity to talk to her over the phone, he told her that he got anerection when Dr. Tremain asked her how she was. Moreover, he tellsher that all he thinks is her and sex. This comes as a surprise toJoelle since Cordell had never used such words before.

Additionally, this gave him sexual desires, and he found himselfhaving sexual relations with different women. This would probablynever have happened if he were never exposed to the sexual betrayaldepicted by his girlfriend Joelle and Johnny Fry. Moreover, when hewas explaining to Cynthia his own experience of betrayal, heconfessed to her that he never confronted Joelle since he was moreobsessed to her sexually whenever he saw her.

Cordell had reasons for not confronting Joelle. First, to begin with,he lived in her apartment and loved it. If he confronted her, theirrelationship would have taken a different course. Probably, she wouldend the relationship yet he feared being alone. That would have beena bad move. Besides, he had previously experienced a sourrelationship. The author asserts that his past had a series ofunsuccessful relationships. As a result, his heart had learned toendure pain. Furthermore, Cordell claims that Joelle was not “even”his wife. Joelle was just a girlfriend to him. Precisely, she was notworth the battle.

Cordell never wanted his girlfriend to learn that he witnessed hersexual infidelity with Johnny Fry. Moreover, he had to lie to thesecurity guard at Joelle’s apartment to make sure that the securityguard does not inform Joelle about his visit. Cordell would not takechances because he knew that the security guard was loyal to Joelle.This was because he received tips and extra benefits from Joelleduring holidays.

Additionally, Johnny was larger than he was in every possible way.This meant that in case his confrontation turned chaotic, he wouldnot be in a position to conquer. Moreover, Cordell claims that he didnot have a tool that would hurt Johnny. From a different perspective,this portrays Cordell’s character of cowardice. However, Cordellremains patient and plots a revenge that would make Johnny fry payfor his action.

Cordell’s reaction when he was with Joelle would never allow him tobe good with her. Although he got quite gifted in some respects, thebetrayal by Joelle always got into his way hindering his sexualadventure with her. For instance, when he was watching The Myth ofSisypha, he got very hard erection. However, when he was with hisgirlfriend, the erection was on but he could not feel anything: hefelt numb.

When Cordell was having sexual intercourse with Joelle, she broughthim to the couch. She placed herself in a position that caughtCordell’s attention. This was until when he realized that she waspositioning herself the same way she did for Johnny. Moreover,Cordell realized that Joelle was positioning him the way Johnny hadstood. This got Cordell worried for a moment that he lost hisexcitement however, he maintained his passion. When he waspenetrating her, he felt nothing. He only experienced a numb feeling.All he heard was Joelle moaning to a rhythm of their sex.

However, Cordell was never engaged with the sexual experience thatwas happening between them. When Joelle offered her ass for anal sex,she kept saying the same words that she said to her another lover(“fuck my ass, daddy”). Additionally, she grunted and cried outthe same way she did with Johnny Fry. Her reactions made Cordelldetach from her and consequently, Cordell got himself engaged to Themyth of Sisypha. Practically, his mind was on the movie while hisgirlfriends mind was on Johnny fry. Moreover, Cordell felt thatJoelle was pleased only because she got him to act like her anotherlover.

The affirmation that Joelle loved Cordell played a major role inintensifying their sexual encounter. Cordell was miserable andobsessed with something he could not understand. Joelle had found herway into neutralizing the hatred that Cordell had by using romanticwords. After she had asked how his injury was, she kissed his fistsaying that she loved him. This made Cordell have a different view ofhis girlfriend who had betrayed him. He even asks her how she hadbecome so sexy all over sudden. Cordell additionally asserts that hedoes not want to lose her. As well, he asserts that he felt so strongabout her. Their connection intensifies more when she puts her armsaround him and affirms that she was not going to leave him.

Another reason that led to the sexual intensity between Cordell andJoelle was that Cordell had found an effective neutralizer to the actof sexual betrayal by his girlfriend. When the memory of Johnny Fryhaving sex with his girlfriend came to his mind, he found himselfthinking about The Myth of Sisypha movie. This prevented himfrom disconnecting from the sexual moments he had with Joelle.Moreover, after observing her sexual behavior when she was withJohnny, he admired her and envied Johnny. From the moment he watchedhis girlfriend having anal sex, he was never afraid to try out newthings. He had the hatred on his mind, however, when he thought abouther, he found himself craving for sex.

Cordell was obsessed with a woman who played the major character inThe Myth of Sisypha movie. He had a reason to forget hisbitterness each time he remembered Sisypha. Cynthia never hesitatedto hook-up Cordell with Brenda, who turns out to be the woman thatCordell was obsessed with all along in the movie. After Sisyphacalled him, he never understood why Cynthia was trying to help him.Moreover, he claims that he never needed any help from Cynthia.Nevertheless, this never stopped Cynthia from going on with herplans. Sisypha, who hid her identity before, was a friend of Cynthia.

Cordell agreed to meet Brenda, and he was finally amazed to find outthat she was the woman he had admired all along in the movie. Headmired how she made her man submit. More significantly, she helpedto change everything in Cordell’s life. She helped him to relax andfeel like he no longer needed to kill Johnny fry. He was not mad thatJoelle had kinky sex with Johnny Fry anymore. She introduced him tosexual adventures that made him look at his situation from adifferent perspective. Moreover, she made him realize that Joelleneeded something that he could not deliver. She made him realize thatJohnny fulfilled Joelle’s desires without her requesting.

Nevertheless, Cordell came to learn that he denied himself happinesswhen he remembered his girlfriend betraying him. Sisypha helpedCordell by talking to him and showing love that he needed. Moreover,she helped him to experience sexual adventures and participate ingames that he enjoyed. He learned a lot through meeting Sisypha, andCynthia had succeeded in making him reconsider killing Johnny fry. Heclaims that Sisypha had offered him the love that he needed.

Cynthia came to know Cordell’s intentions of killing Johnny fry.She knew that if Cordell spoke to someone, he would reconsider hisplans. She decided to ask her friend, Brenda, to give him a call andhelp him through the hard time he was going though. However, Cordellfelt that he did not need Cynthia’s help. Brenda knew how to useher words well. Consequently, this made Cordell feel as if they hadmet before. Cordell understood that Cynthia wanted to help him. Heunderstood that if he spoke to someone, maybe he would not have tokill Johnny Fry. Brenda asks him out, and he agrees to meet her.Cordell was so much obsessed in hatred. He wanted to kill Johnny frybadly. He felt that Johnny had stolen what was his. He made Cynthiaunderstand that Joelle viewed him as a house pet whereas Johnny waswhat she craved. Nevertheless, Cynthia did not like the idea ofkilling Johnny fry.

Another reason that made Cynthia introduce Cordell to Brenda was thatshe wanted to help Cordell meet his fantasy. When Cordell wasconversing with Cynthia over the phone, he informed her everythingthat troubled him. This was about the trouble he had after hewitnessed his girlfriend having sex with Johnny Fry. However, atfirst he did not tell her about the obsession he had for a woman whostarred in the adult movie called The Myth of Sisypha. He feltthat the phone service that Cynthia’s company offered was not forhookups or dirty talks. Even so, after Cordell got used to Cynthia,he felt freer to her and started to open up on his personal feelings.That is when Cynthia learned that he was passionate with Sisypha.Luckily, Cynthia was a good friend of Sisypha, and she knew thatSisypha was capable of helping him through his sad moment.

Cynthia played her cards well and wanted to surprise Cordell. Sheasked Sisypha to call him and ask for a date but use a differentname. That was the reason Cordell knew her as Brenda at first.According to Cynthia, she was not formulating a hookup. She onlywanted to free Cordell from his sorrows. On the other hand, Brendawas a woman who knew how to use her words well, and she successfullymanaged to calm Cordell whenever he was in anger. Moreover, she heldCordell’s hand in some instances. This action made Cordell feelloved and feel complete again.

After Cordell was strong enough to ask Joelle for the truth, shenever wanted to confess because she knew that Cordell would leaveher. She still wanted to be with him despite the fact that she wasstill seeing Johnny Fry. She tried so hard to make Cordell understandthat she loved him. However, Cordell had already detached emotionallyfrom her. For instance, during their quarrel, each time Joell becamesilent, his mind went back to Sisypha. All this time Joelle was nottelling him the truth. Cordell was trying all he could make herconfess. He even went the extra mile and informed her on how he sawthe whole scenario of her having sex with Johnny Fry. Joelle neverunderstood why Cordell never tried to stop them, or why he kept thisto himself for that long. She had to face the fact that there was nosecret anymore.

It was painful for her to learn that Cordell had made up his mind toleave her. The reason Joelle confessed in such a cruel fashion wasthat she finally understood that nothing could to make him stay. Allshe could do was to make him feel worse and show him what he wasgoing to miss. She started confessing all the things that she used todo when Cordell was away. She makes him understand that her sexualaffair with Johnny was a normal routine in their lives.

Additionally, she makes him understand that she loved Johnny’srough sex. This was something that Cordell could not deliver untilwhen he learned it from Johnny. Moreover, she wanted to make him feelthat she had nothing to lose since Johnny would be there to satisfyher in a better way than he could. However, none of these changedCordell’s mind. He was prepared to walk out of her life.Nevertheless, he was enjoying the way Joelle was sucking his ballswhen she was confessing all the nasty things she used to do withJohnny fry.

Personally, if I were in Cordell’s shoes, I would have reacted thesame way he did. He had already found another lover hence there wasno reason to consider Joelle as a big deal. Sisypha had alreadycaptured Cordell’s attention, and Johnny Fry was not worth a pieceof hatred anymore. This was because Sisypha had taught Cordell to behappy and experience the adventures of life differently. The bestreaction was to walk out of Joelle’s life peacefully and start myown independent life.

Walter Mosley has used penetrating, insightful, and liberating toshed insights into the various shades of being human. His writing isenthralling, and it explains freedom through sex. If a person readskeenly, he or she will notice that this book is NOT about sex, it isabout insecurity and so much more. In the modern society, the issueof infidelity really affects relationships. However, not many peoplehave courage to discuss or write about this issues the way WalterMosley has done.

This book keeps the reader hooked, wanting to know what will happennext. The story line and characters are both strong and believable.Many times in life, people are faced with moments that require themto redefine their boundaries and in doing so they discover newdepths of their selves. People facing such difficulties in life canfind help in this book, as this is a journey of a man doing justthat. This book can help people who encounter moments of shock, hurt,and betrayal find happiness in life. For instance, L becomes a &quotwokeup&quot man, who breezes through some lovers, including hisgirlfriend, Joelle.

While reading this book, a person can understand how infidelity canaffect love or their love partners. Walter Mosley’s work depictshow fidelity resulted into the demise of Johnny fry. Moreover, theauthor makes the reader to differentiate love from the saneperspective from the intimate perspective. The relationship betweenJoelle, Cordell and Johnny displays the nature of sanity and intimaterelationships.

In conclusion, the author uses a clever way to explain the betrayalin relationships from a different perspective. In addition, WalterMosley employs pain and an avalanche of sex-storyline to captivatehis audience. However, keen leaders will discover many more topics inthis book. The book awakens ideologies that many may have thought tobe shameful, and lets the reader know there is nothing wrong withthose thoughts becoming real or at least obtaining the energy ofthem.