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Kualitest drive

TheKuali test drive started as a software for full diverse educationinstitutions: The initial institutions encompassed a range collectionof schools, small and large, to inaugurate an entire community(Stowell, 2008). After a while, the schools pooled together a varietyof resources, which included Andrew grant Mellon, through the help ofthe university business officers and the national college associationto build the Kuali foundation (as indicated in www.kuali.org/kc).Their main aim was to construct financial institutions for highereducation systems. After the accomplishment of the Kuali financialproject, the community recognized the potential capability of thesource software. The community began to expand to other projects.Today, the Kuali foundation has stretched out to embrace, providemanagement and the intellectual property thus, its assessment as afinancial system will provide extensive insight on the features andaccomplishments of such systems.


Newsalary transfer expense

Fromthe main tab given, select the “salary transfer expense “in the“transaction frame” under the “labor distribution tab” whenprompted to login the password expected to be used is “daily”. To complete the transaction field, enter 2014c in the fiscal year and0000000765 in the Eimp ID field, then click search. I selected theSeptember and October for account 1276007. Then clicked “returnselected” and return to the salary transfer expense. I completedthe accounting lines for transfer of the salary. The same data isloaded to accounting lines tab. I transferred salary from one accountto the other, so I clicked and copied everything to button the amountabove. The same information is copied to the accounting lines.

Pendingentries generated in the labor ledger. Click “save” button forcedtheir tabulation to open labor ledger pending entries. In addition tosalary expense operation from eDoc, the fringe benefits also werecalculated and the transfer from old to new account occurred. Fromthe action I took, I noticed that the A2 transactions, which used tocorrect wages and salaries to the accurate fiscal year thatfacilitated the effort of certification, without interfering with thedefinite expenses of current accounting period. Although everyone islisted twice, the approval of transfer of salary funds is done once.

Evaluationof the Kuali test drive

Theworkflow drive system – the kuali has workflow driven system thatdesigned to optimize the goal of both large and small organizations.The system is able to hold diverse financial data and information (asembraced in www.kuali.org/ole)

Softwareownership- the ownership of the kuali drive system is independentdepending on the user. The users have a capability of developing thesoftware to meet the needs of the field they operate.

Thecommercial affiliates – the kuali has a variety of service leveloptions and ecosystems. It has a large number of uses that comes withthe use of it. It can be used in different types of workstations andstill give sufficient and intended information like in a library,accounting of an institution and in a sales store to keep the levelof stock.

Easierto operate- Kuali test drive is easier for the user to use and feedthe intended data and understand the output information results. Itsprone to less error hence will give accurate information.

TheKuali test-drive in conjunction with the wealth researchadministration business functional knowledge, can bring out, costeffective software and high very quality developed resource table. Itcan provide a diverse of hosting options. The hosting’s solutionsof kuali can be dictated by the requirements of the user of thesystem hence this will provide partial hosting or full-servicehosting. The kuali system is sufficient and therefore be trusted tobe used in any organization. The data stored remains safe andaccessible anytime. However, although the data stored is safe oneasks questions such as the effectiveness of such systems to deal withcybercrime and their longevity in the provision of services (Stowell,2008). Information systems have helped organizations greatly, buttheir effectiveness remains in the offing of the maintainingentities thus, questions regarding confidentiality, privacy, andlack of work freedom usually arise.


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