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LadyGaga is among the most outstanding musicians of the new millennium.She broke into the limelight in 2007, and she has since recordedseveral singles and albums (Elberse &amp Christensen, 2011). LadyGaga has also worked with several musicians, and she is estimated tobe worth 190 million dollars. The artist has performed on manyoccasions including several world tours that have seen her perform atsold- out events. Lady Gaga launched her music career under the watchof Vincent Herbert of Stremaline records in 2007 (Elberse &ampChristensen, 2011). Lady Gaga later worked with Troy Carter, who wasresponsible for managing her performances. Troy is said to have beenthe push behind Gaga’s successful performances.

IfI were Carter, I would choose to allow her to perform as a mid- levelartist as this is the most suitable option for an artist who is stillnot well- known. Mid- level performances are for artists who have thepotential to be big artists, but they are not as recognized as bigartists. An artists who has received several awards, but is still newto the industry should perform at mid- level performances so as togain recognition by more people. In 2009, when Troy was making thedecision, Lady Gaga was still new in the industry, and few peopleknew her. She had also received her first awards, and this was anindication that the industry was starting to recognize her.

Mid-level performances are suitable for such artists because they lackthe ability to attract as many ticket sales as the high profileartists (Elberse &amp Christensen, 2011). Lady Gaga was by this timestill penetrating the market, and she still did not have the capacityto attract as many ticket sales as the high profile artists.Additionally, at this time, Lady Gaga only had one album with threehit songs and this meant that she could not perform as a high profileartist. She also could not perform as a new artist as she had gainedenough popularity to pull a crowd of more than 1500 people, which isthe average for mid- level artists.


Gagahad a lot to lose if she had performed as a new artist. This isbecause she could not make as much money, and she had the talent andenough exposure to perform at a crowd of her own. She also gained tolose as she would be overshadowed by the main artist. However, shewould have gained at the same time by being a star if she performedfor other artist or small crowds. She had a chance to grow and make aname for herself before performing for bigger crowds. This would havealso given her a chance to produce more albums and have more popularsongs before the performed as a mid- level artist.

Asa mid- level artist, Gaga stood a good chance to perform for manypeople and thus become more known. Gaga also had a chance to be thecenter of attention and thus help in promoting herself as a newartist. This would also help her to have ample time to record newsongs and gain more supporters. At mid- level, an artist is oftenunder little pressure, and the artist has the potential to grow at agood pace and make enough money. On the other hand, performing as amid- level artist can be too exposing for a new artist as she stillhas not gained much exposure. This can distract the artist frommaking new records so as to stay relevant.

Performingas a high- profile artist would have been a detrimental idea for LadyGaga as she did not have enough songs to perform as the main artistat a big event. She also lacked the experience and exposure thatattracts ticket sales of high- profile artists. This shows that LadyGaga would not have attracted the kind of crowd, which requires a lotof investments due to high returns. The potential rewards for thetour as a solo artist were not justified as Lady Gaga did not havethe exposure that would attract high ticket sales and thus highreturns on investment. Troy had the choice of including anothermid-level artist to perform alongside Lady Gaga so as to attract thefans of both artists.


Thethree partners in Gaga’ career were unlikely to have the samepreferences of letting her have a solo tour as she was fairly new,and a solo tour would require a lot of investments. The threepartners, Live Nation, WME, and record label Interscope were likelyto have her perform as a mid-level artist as this carried fewer risksand required less investment. This was also a good chance to buildexposure and prepare her for a solo tour. The incentives of the threestakeholders were aligned to Gaga’s as they would both gain fromher tours, and the return on investments would benefit all of them.The incentives of the partners would also be in the best interest ofLady Gaga if she performed as a mid- level artist as this would allowher to build a solid fan base before she became a high- profileartist.


Gaga’slaunch in 2009 was good as it allowed her to perform for a big crowd,and it set the stage for how she would be perceived in the musicindustry. The launch gave her the exposure of an artist who had thepotential to become an influential person in the industry. Gaga’steam can ensure that every album launch is followed by tours topopularize the album. This can ensure that she stays relevant, andevery album gets high sales. Gaga’s recording career can besystemized such that she records after tours to popularize any newalbum. This keeps the fans engaged and looking forward to the nextalbum. Social media can also facilitate Gaga’s tours by using theplatform to popularize all her performances. The platform has manypeople, and it provides an excellent medium to gain insight into whatthe fans want and expect.


Concertticket sales are valuable as they fetch more money than sales ofrecorded music. Concert sales ensure continued generation of incomeas opposed to sales proceeds from album sales. Sales from recordsoften last as long as the records remain relevant. This can be shortlived based on how popular a song is perceived. However, ticket salesgenerate continuous income and would help to popularize new records.Team Gaga ought to, therefore, focus on ensuring that it stages asmany tours as possible so as to keep popularizing her music. Thisleads to high sales for records as statistics show that record salesrise just before the tour. Tours thus have two advantages.


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