Law and business

Lawand business

Ajob in the legal profession is sometimes intellectually demanding,financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Below are somereasons why one should choose a job in the legal profession.

Varietyof career choices

Thecomplications in modern legal systems have generated several legalcareer choices that take care of a number of core and non-core legalpurposes. From judges and mediators to paralegals, lawyers,consultants and secretaries, the legal profession’s position isevolving and expanding to accommodate the ever-changing legalstructure (Milton, 2007).

Growthand opportunity

Inthe recent past, the legal profession has suffered staggering growth.A fixed rise in revenues and profits, extended headcounts andconsiderable salary increases has offered plenty of careeropportunities in a wide range of legal roles (David,2011).


Accordingto history, the legal profession has battered financial downturnsvery well and ought not to fail in future, partly because of thegrowing practice and geographical diversification of several lawfirms. As a matter of fact, some practice sections for instancelitigation, reorganization and bankruptcy, regulatory compliance andresidential real estate foreclosures will indeed profit from aneconomic slowdown. Resulting from this, professionals ought to lookfor plenty of career opportunities in every economic climate(Ginsburg, 2014).


Ina society that views impressive schooling, high pay and society poweras traits of success, the legal career has for long been esteemed asan elite and noble profession. This perception is further enhanced bythe depiction of legal professions in the media as glamorous,exciting, desired and fast-paced. Consequently, the legal career hasmaintained its allure in the law making it the most desiredprofessions in modern career market (Pierre De Vos, 2012).


Theprofession is progressively changing and developing, creating newrewards and challenges. Legal professions ought to be innovators andproblem-solvers, tackle new challenges, willing to take newresponsibilities, master new technology and explore an ever-changinglegal system. This vibrant legal scene makes each day distinctive andenhances a lively fulfilling work experience.


Atthe core of the legal profession’s position is client service. Beit a lawyer on behalf of a multinational business client, law clerkinvestigating an issue on tax for a new business, a paralegal helpingabused women get restraining orders, the basic goal of legalprofession is to assist others get solution for their legal problems.

Importanceof legal counsel when starting your own business

Toset up a business ought to be thrilling process. However, without thecorrect advice it can turn out to be minefield especially where legalissues are concerned. Most of the time it is not until issues reachcrisis peak that people look for a lawyer’s help. However, if asolution is at hand, it is more expensive than considering a simpleaction that could have barred the problem in the first instance. Obviously, to prevent is better than to cure. Getting a legal counselin the beginning implies that you can avoid crises. A lawyer canassist you recognize problems and take necessary steps to curb themhence protecting your business from danger and thence saving youmoney.

Alawyer can give advice on all the characteristic troubles that a newbusiness is likely encounter. They can also assist you bring in afull collection of solutions. To choose what sort of assistance tooffer you, it is necessary for them to ask a number of questionsregarding your enterprise. Some of these questions can include:


Themakeup of a business is vital to its achievement as the entrepreneurstart up and expands. Should you do business with your own brand nameor via a company, for instance? If a business person decides to tradewith others, they need to ensure that they get fair profit for theirefforts. As a result the entrepreneur could need a partnershipagreement or a shareholder’s agreement. A lawyer can give anexplanation for all the different choices and give advice on the mostappropriate for your limited company, business-partnership andlimited liability partnership.

Yourbusiness location

Whenchoosing site for your enterprise, it is vital that entrepreneurfully understands the terms of the lease. Is there a possibility thatthe landlord will increase the rent? If it is the case, by how much?Will the entrepreneur find himself paying escalating service charges?Will he need planning consent for an adjustment of use? If he choosesto trade from home, what restrictions are there? A lawyer can assistwith all these questions.


Someonemay also want to learn what sources of funds are accessible and whattheir legal repercussions are. Is it necessary to mortgage the familyresidence? Such a step can have significant legal repercussions. Arelenders adamant on unfair terms? Could someone be getting a healthydeal with their bank? A solicitor will make clear such areas and caneven assist bargain finance on your behalf.


Yourenterprise may make you prone several risks involving employees,premises, visitors and assets. Someone could get injured whileworking for you, for instance. Your workers could be injured by yourproducts. You could also be answerable for a worker who abuses theinternet. A lawyer is able to give you independent counsel on thejeopardy you may need to insure against.


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