Leadership in Organizations


Leadershipin Organizations

Leadershipin Organizations

Leadershiphas been one of the most explored concepts in both the traditionaland modern societies. Unfortunately, it comes with an abstractmeaning, in which case numerous definitions are advanced pertainingto it. Nevertheless, the term “leadership” may entail the processby which an individual influences others who are in levels below himor her to accomplish a particular objective and direct anorganization in a manner that allows for enhanced cohesiveness andcoherence (Ivancevich et al, 2007). It also underlines a process bywhich an individual influences others to attain a common goal.

Moreoften than not, the terms “leadership” and “management” areused interchangeably. This should not be surprising as the twooverlap in varied aspects. Nevertheless, there is a fundamentaldifference between the two as the later defines a process by which anindividual directs and controls other people and resources in a groupin line with the established values and principles (Ivancevich et al,2007). Of particular note is the fact that management ensures thatobjectives are met through following established values andprinciples, while leadership ensures the attainment of the samethrough inspiring followers to shared goals.

Leadershipis extremely important in ensuring the sustainability and continuityof any business entity or organization. Leadership functions as acatalyst that allows for the proper functioning of land, capital,labor and entrepreneurship, which are the four factors of production.In the absence of leadership, these factors would lie dormant(Ivancevich et al, 2007). Scholars have noted that effectiveleadership involves being in tune with the issues and needs of one’ssubordinates and ensuring that one is updated about any newdevelopments in his or her areas of expertise so as to allow foroptimization of one’s effectiveness.


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