Leadership Video Review


LeadershipVideo Review

LeadershipVideo Review

Happeningin a typical war environment, the speech by Colonel JoshuaChamberlain is inspiring and addresses the situation at hand. This isbecause of the style that the speech employs in the delivery of thecontent as well as the emotions accompanied with it. Due to theefficiency of the style of address by Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, themessage presents his leadership and character of imparting optimism.

Thestyle of the speech uses a language that inspires imagery in theminds of the listener. The imagery and the language are so vivid thatit turns an ordinary person to get the inspiration of a soldier.Colonel Joshua Chamberlain uses language to express his beliefs andjustify the course and the mission that the military are engaged in,which inspires self-confidence. His voice is commanding enough with asense of authority, not necessarily from his rank but from his beliefin his men and the mission (Chamberlain, n.d). His posture is clearabout the message he is sending to the troops that they have tobelieve in the mission and continue with the course. This isstrengthened by his confident use of moderate gestures with thehands, as he maintains a strong yet authoritative eye contact.

Thecontent of Colonel Joshua Chamberlain’s speech presents a stronginspirational leader who inspires change of the soldiers’ attitude.In his message, Colonel Joshua Chamberlain gives hope and motivatesdesire for the soldiers to face the challenges that need to beovercome. Moreover, his authority communicates the respect thatsoldiers have of him, especially when he beckons them to gather(Chamberlain, n.d). His speech combines content with authority aimedat giving inspiration and hope. Through the speech, Colonel JoshuaChamberlain addresses the obstacles and shows his confidence inovercoming them.


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