Learning on how to use and operate a gun entails different



Learning on how to use and operate a gun entailsdifferent responsibilities and tasks that should remind me that suchactivity was only for fun and recreational activity. Gun handling andfiring requires several practices and necessary skills needed tomaintain a safety environment. The first thing to be understood in agun firing lesson is on how to keep the gun in its firing direction.Proper firing direction means that such location is safe and no oneis present on the line of sight of the gun. However, since I am justa beginner on gun handling and firing, it took me a while tofamiliarize myself on the weight and measurement of the gun. I justlearned that upon holding the gun, I needto keep my finger off the trigger until the timewhen I am ready to fire. Keeping my finger on thetrigger felt like I am always in danger, hence, I need to provideextra care on my actions to avoid any accidents that might happen. Iknow for a fact that gun firing lesson is very dangerous and is proneto accidents and casualties. It was difficult on my part to keep myfinger off the trigger because during practices, I used to put myfinger on the trigger before I aim the target. Thus, I need to alwaysremember that keeping your finger on the trigger is not necessary ingun firing lessons. Furthermore, I also need to ensure that thelocation of my target is at my line of sight, as well as to befamiliar with the firing range of the gun. I need to position my armproperly as well as my standing location to make sure that I canproperly hold and fire the gun in place. Lastly, I am always beingreminded by my instructors that I need to wear my eyes and earsprotection cover while handling firearms to at least ensure my safetyas well. In assessing my overall performance on gun handling andfiring lessons, I can say that my learning process wasawesome, though it tookseveral steps for me to practice andenhance my firing skills into action.