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June19, 2014

Thispaper will explore different circumstances that touch on legalissues. To begin with, the paper explores a situation under whichHanjuan Jin an employee of Motorola Company could have evaded a trialdue to theft of trade secret of this company. As it unfolds, thepaper will check whether Ling’s market was responsible for Kim’sinjury that occurred when she was at this market. The paper willalso, evaluate whether Amtrak train was responsible for the accidentthat caused the death of Galen Stoller. Finally, the paper willexamine whether LJESB were right when they sold a song that waswritten by Wilchcombe without paying him.

#1.Circumstance under which Jin could have avoided the trials ofstealing of trade secrets.

Tobegin, Jin could have told the O’Hare Airport officials the actualamount of money that she had in her bag that could have helped hernot to raise the suspense of theses official thus hiding someinformation such as the documents she had in her laptop. More so,after emailing Batch about the idea of leaving the job, she couldhave ensured that she is accessible but on the contrary she was not(United States District Court, 2012).

Inaddition, during an interview at the airport, she claimed that thelaptop that she had belonged to her yet it contained confidential andproprietary documents belonging to Motorola hence raising thesuspense of these officials (United States District Court, 2012).Instead, she could have claimed that it was a laptop that she used onher work that could have saved her a lot of questions.

#2.Were Ling’s negligence?

Ling’swere responsible for injury that occurred on Kim. As stated, the daywas stormy throughout and therefore the management had enough time tonote that the water was all over the door. As such, the manager couldhave given out the signs warning the employees as well as thecustomers of the slippery and wet surface around the door thuspreventing any accident occurring.

#3.Was Amtrak inattentive?

Amtraktrain was responsible of the death of Galen when it knocked Galen’scar at railroad crossing. Despite the fact that the crossing wasmarked with a stop sign, there was extreme vegetation at the prospecttriangle that made it hard for anyone crossing the rail to noticewhether a train was coming or not. In addition, Amtrak had failed tofix lively warning devices such as bells which could have eased thecrossing of public (Court of Appeals, 2011).

#4.Were LJSEB responsible of stealing Wilchcombe music?

LJSEBfor Lil Jon &amp the East Side Boyz is hip hop group that producedand performed music. This group was held responsible of selling asong that was written and performed by Wilchcombe since they did notcompensate him for this work (Court of Appeals, 2009). It is evidentthat Wilchcombe was the one who gave out the some overall guitartracks of the song.

Inconclusion, employees are supposed to follow the code of ethics andthe stated policies of whichever company they are working for, thatwill in turn help keep trade secrets of the company, as well as itsperformance. Also, businesses are supposed to be on alert anysituation that can risk the lives of their customers. Additionally,for partnership business, each individual should be compensated inwhichever the role he or she is playing towards production of goodsand services.


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