Literature Reflection #3 and Literature Reflection # 4

LiteratureReflection #3 and Literature Reflection # 4

LiteratureReflection #3: Introduction to Poetry

Poem1: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

PhenomenalWoman is a poem narrated by Maya Angelo a renowned feminist. Thispoem celebrates womanhood and seeks to empower women to appreciatetheir natural look. In the first stanza, Maya Angelou provides thatthough she does not have the body of a model, she is proud of whomshe is and is thankful of the physical attributes accorded to her.

Poem2: If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda

IfYou Forget Me is a love poem. The narrator expresses his independenceas man relative to the dynamics of love. The narrator expresses hisemotional conception of love that is natural and mystifying. He ishowever quick to point out that it has two be a two-way interactionsuch that he expresses love where he feels loved.

Poem3: There is another sky by Emily Dickinson

Thisis an emotional poem written for Austin, the author’s brother. Theauthor exhibits longing to be with her brother in her ‘garden’, asymbolic garden of which she sees. In my perspective, she feelshappiest when she is in the company of her brother hence the title,There is another sky.

Poem4: Messy Room by Shel Silverstein

Thisis a reflective poem with an amusing ending. The narrator describeshis room as being untidy and unkempt. It is so untidy that it appearsto belong to some else other than his. However, at the very end, hegets a reply notifying him that it is indeed his room as untidy as itis.

Poem5: A Girl by Ezra Pound

Thisis a spiritual poem. The narrator expresses her oneness with natureand more so with trees. She appreciates the physical attributes ofthe tree as she does of her own body. She appreciates that trees havea long lifetime and thus the tree she is describing is indeed youngthough it is a tall tree rising high from the ground.

Occasionand poem

Occasion1 and Poem 1: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

Theoccasion in this poem is self-confidence. The narrator provides thatthough others may perceive her as different from the models showcasedin the media she is confident in herself as a phenomenon. Shecelebrates her unique physical beauty and exudes a great dealself-confidence, the confidence of a phenomenal woman.

Occasion2 and Poem 2: If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda

Inthis poem, the occasion Neruda exhibits is steadfast love. As much ashe truly loves, his love exhibits freedom. He does not want to chokelove but rather let love be free and bold, from the heart. Thenarrator expresses a steadfast love, as that one would offer to abrother, a sister or a child one who may have to leave and maybe,never return.

Occasion3 and Poem 3: There is another sky by Emily Dickinson

Theoccasion is symbolism. Emily Dickson in her own heart misses herbrother Austin dearly. She expresses her close connection with himsuch that he is able to view her garden. Emily imagines that herbrother would also be happy to be at her side and as such enjoy theview of another sky.

Occasion4 and Poem 4: Messy Room by Shel Silverstein

Messyroom is a poem, which exhibits a surreal instance of personalreflection. The narrator in his own words paints a picture that isdisgusting and as such puzzling as to who could stay in such a room.It ends on a hilarious note as his own reflection leads him to agreethat it is his room.

Occasion5 and Poem 5: A Girl by Ezra Pound

Theoccasion in this poem relates to environmental conservation. Thenarrator provides that the tree grow just as a little girl grows intoa woman. She treasures the life the tree enjoys being able to growtall and high and sway in the wind and is sad that to someenvironmental conservation is folly.

Song1: Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Sweetdisposition is a love song blended on soft rock beats. It is about ayoung man longing for his girlfriend calling on her to patiently waitfor him so that they can surrender their young blood to each other.This is described in the lyric, ‘so stay there because will becoming over and while a bloods still young’.

Song2: Smashing Pumpkins – 1979

Thisis a love song by the Smashing Pumpkins titled shakedown 1979. Thissong has mellow lyrics describing the love felt between twoindividuals back in 1979. For instance, the line describingheadlights into the dawn describes enjoying one another’s companyall night into the next morning. They party until dawn for they lovebeing comfortable being in each other’s presence.

Song3: Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)

DooWop is a song with a feminist them. The narrator cautions fellowwomen to seek to find true love and more so cherish their sexualpurity for the right man. Lauryn Hill warns ladies that if they donot protect their femininity, men may take advantage of the. This isillustrated in the lyric, ‘plus when you give it up so easy youaint even fooling him’.

Alexandrine:Hardy and Shelley

Aubade:Donneand Bogan

Ballad:Keats and Poe

Canto:Spenser and Byron

Concretepoetry: Herbert and Starbuck

Dramaticmonologue: Browning and Eliot

Elegy:Milton and Sacks

Epic:Spenser and Milton

Epigram:Savage Landor and Jonson

Epistle:Byron and Browning

TheConvergence of the Twain by Thomas Hardy

Thispoem belongs to the elegy genre of poetry.It is a thoughtful and mournful poem lamenting the sinking of theTitanic. The speaker in this poem is an individual who reveres agreat ship, ‘the Titanic’ and the human ingenuity that broughtabout its being. The situation presented in this poem is theinevitable sinking of a great engineering marvel with the mostluxurious workmanship possible at the time. The audience in this poemis the world, which with great shock learnt of the sinking of theTitanic and the loss of thousands of life because of a submergedgigantic iceberg. With a somber tone the poem, tell of themagnificence that is human vanity being taken away as quickly as itappeared leading to a convergence of people to hear of this greattale.

Toa Skylark by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Thepoem is of the ballad lyric genre, which at its best does not revealwhat is actually happening in a poem, but instead show the reader thehappenings in the poem i.e. define each critical moment in the traceof events. The speaker in this Alexandrine poem is a bird lover whoappreciates the romantic majesty and graceful nature of birds inflight and in song.The audience is the skylark lover as he questions why things sobeautiful living and nonliving only have to be enjoyed by the livingfor just a little while. The tone is as fluid as a song and thecontent if from ancient texts and thus written long time ago. Theimagery in this poem shows a vivid description of the natural worldwhere skylarks feel at home, heavenly skies. The title indeed showsthat the poet is a dedicated bird lover.

Poem:Let us consider

Poet:Russell Edson


Thispoem provokes me as an individual to have a deeper perspective in theway I perceive love relationships. This poem illustrates how enteringinto a relationship changes people. They no longer think ofthemselves selfishly but have to consider the effects of theiractions on the other person in the relationship.


Poet:Sally Van Doren


Thispoem invokes a sense understanding as to the plight of others as muchas it may seem the norm to them it is trying to live life in thebest way they know how. For instance, the man in a straw hat has toappreciate it dearly as it protects him from the heat of the sunwhile he works the land.

Poem:Confessional Poetry

Poet:Anne Sexton, Olds


Accordingto, Sexton’s life was riddled with incidences ofsevere mental breakdowns stemming from bipolar disorder and as suchwas advised to take up poetry as a form of therapy. She is consideredas a modern day model of a confessional poet as she discussed issuedaffecting the female gender such as masturbation, menstruation andadultery. Her themes also delved into thoughts o suicide, isolation,depression and so on. She committed suicide in 1974.


Poet:Walt Whitman,Noyes

Response: that Walt Whitman Americanized romanticism through hisambitious drive to offer his views on democracy, egalitarianism andhis egoistic appeal to the literature of the time. At the time thatis in the 19th Century English poetry was defined as refined whileWhitman’s poetry was largely unrefined. The American audienceembraced him dearly as it boldly portrayed American ideals and moreso strengthened the realization of the American spirit throughpoetry.