Long-Term Care Rehabilitation Kennedy Health Care Center

Long-TermCare Rehabilitation: Kennedy Health Care Center

Long-TermCare Rehabilitation: Kennedy Health Care Center

Thecurrent demographic changes in favor of an increase in the number ofthe older adult have forced health care facilities to adjust theirscope of services they offer in order to address emerging challenges.Apart from the change of services offered in health care as well asrehabilitation centers, the number of centers has increased andexisting ones have diversified their range of services to include thelong-term care rehabilitation. The primary objective of long-termcare rehabilitation is to help clients with long-term illnesses (suchas the Alzheimer’s disease) regain their strength, endurance, andbalance (American Hospice Association, 2014). This paper will providea description of the long-term care and rehabilitation programs andservices offered at Kennedy Health Care Center, reasons for selectinglong-term care and rehabilitation programs and services, and waysthrough which information for the community newsletter will beobtained.

Descriptionof long-term care rehabilitation programs and services

Long-termcare rehabilitation programs are designed for clients who are in needof assistance with the periodic skilled nursing and activities ofdaily living. These programs combine therapeutic diets and exercisesdesigned to improve physical abilities with restorative nursing(Prestige Care Incorporation, 2014). Restorative events andactivities are designed in consideration of the interests andabilities of each client in order to give them mental stimulation.For example, the long-term care and rehabilitation at Kennedy HealthCare Center provides a wide range of activities, including seasonalactivities and pet therapy, which encourages clients’ socialinteraction, independence, and comfort (Kennedy Health System, 2014).

Reasonsfor selecting long-term care rehabilitation programs

Mydesire to serve in a long-term care facility that address the healthneeds of the senior members of the society pushed me to focus on thelong-term care rehabilitation. By focusing on long-term carerehabilitation programs, I will gain more information pertaining tomy future career. Moreover, the selected topic lies within my area ofacademic specialization, and will thus enhance my understanding ofthe course. In addition, preparation of a newsletter in this area ofstudy will provide useful information about the importance andavailability of these programs to the community.

Waysof obtaining information for the community newsletter

Theinformation for the newsletter will be obtained using two methods.First, online research on the topic of long-term care rehabilitationprograms and services will provide a bulk of information that isrelevant to the underlying issues. However, only reliable sources(such as scholarly journals and reliable websites) will be used toensure that the information obtained is relevant and useful to thecommunity. Secondly, holding an interview with members of staff atKennedy Health Care rehabilitation center will provide reliableinformation from specialists who have a firsthand experience indealing with long-term health challenges.


Theincrease in the number of older adults in the present populationnecessitates the issue of newsletters that can give more informationto the community pertaining the need and availability of long-termcare rehabilitation programs. Long-term care rehabilitation programsare specially designed to incorporate a wide range of services thatrestore clients to their health status and increase their ability totake responsibility of their own health. In addition, long-term carerehabilitation programs and services have other benefits, such asenhanced comfort, independence, and ability to interact socially.


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