Lorena Alvarado


June18, 2014


Topic: Geneticallymodified foods are beneficial.

Generalpurpose: Topersuade my audience to believe that genetically modified foods are beneficial.

Specificpurpose: At the end of my presentation, you will be encouraged to believe that genetically modified foods are beneficial.

Centralidea: Geneticallymodified foods are beneficial because there is evidence that there are advantages realized by farmers worldwide, there isevidence that the risks are minimal, and there is evidence thatthe effects to human health and the environment observed

  1. So who knows what are genetically modified foods (GM food)? And are you for them or against them? Well I am here to tell you the benefits of genetically modified foods. According to the article “Gene Cuisine or Frankenfood”, the information provided about GM foods do no necessarily provide consistent picture of risks and benefits associated with them” (Silk, Weiner, Parrott). Genetically modified foods are helping feed the world. GM food is food that the DNA has been altered to enhance its traits and nutrition by genetic engineering. This technology has brought about various benefits to the agricultural sector and farmers across the world, addressing numerous historical shortcomings of non-GM foods.

  2. I want to ease your mind that it is ok to go out and purchase GM foods. I know the controversies around the adoption of GM foods, which has become a global question. I want you to understand why GM foods are gaining global acceptance and clear any doubts that GM foods are a health hazard as many people speculate. According to Asis Datta author of ‘Genetic engineering for improving quality and productivity of crops’, states that “no harmful effects have been documented after several years of extensive cultivation of GM crops in diverse environments and consumption of GM foods by more than a billion humans and by a larger number of animals’ (Datta 15). I myself buy GM foods and I am very particular in what I put into my body.

  3. Due to the controversy surrounding GM foods, I started to do intensive research. I wanted to make sure it is acceptable for my family to be ingesting this food and to see if I should consider consuming organic foods. I have come to expand my knowledge. Therefore, my arguments are based on credible researches conducted about this topic.

  4. Today I will talk about how Genetically modified foods are beneficial because there is evidence that there are advantages realized by farmers worldwide, there is evidence that the risks are minimal, and there is evidence that the effects to human health and the environment observed the benefits. As I talk about GM foods and its benefits today, I will first outline the benefits associated with their adoption and use then secondly talk about their dangerous possible effects.

(SignPost:Now I will move on to my first point of the advantages associatedwith GM foods.)


I. Firstand foremost, the advantages associated with GM foods are numerousand weighty as seen by many farmers around the globe. These include:

A. Accordingto Mark Lynas an environmental writer, states that “there has beendramatic reductions in the use of agrichemicals, insecticide inparticular and there have been benefits in terms of no-till farmingand carbon retention in the soil.

B. Increasedtotal harvest. The harm from many weeds and pests has been reducedsignificantly. Through resistance to dangerous diseases andsustainability of the plant to poor conditions such as very hotweather, less water and less nutrients, the crops yield more leadingto an overall bounty of harvest. This is one of the single greatestbenefits of farming using GM seeds.

C. Accordingto the International Union of Nutritional Sciences, “Nutritionaland quality traits of foods can be altered through transgenicmethods such bio fortification which is a low-cost strategy forimproving food quality that complements other technological andsocial interventions. Acommon example is vitamin A that is in-built in GM rice that preventsblindness in children who suffer from Vitamin A deficiency. This hasbeen observed to catch the eyes of many retailers globally who seekto grab this advantage. This has the overall effect of improvedhealth of the population using GM food.

D. Analternative way of drug administration. Some vaccines such as theinjection for Hepatitis prevention can be administered throughsome fruits that are injected with this vaccine and given out as apublic standard. This offers an effective and cheap solution todisease prevention.

E. GMcrops are more economical to the farmers in terms of production andsupply. This comes along a result of the use of advanced farmingtechniques and their high tolerance to spoilage with better shelflife. In addition, they have less production time as they grow andmature faster compared to the non-GM crops.

II. Risks.There have been questions related to the safety of the use of GMfoods and its immediate effects on health. These include:

A. Uncertaintyby scientists and researchers that these foods can lead to GMdiseases, which can be passed to consumers causing health risks tohuman beings as well as animals. Genetically altered weeds andinsects have been reported in the U.S making scientists speculatethat humans could also be susceptible to such effects. However, thisremains a speculation as no cases have been reported yet.

B. Unpredictabilityof the effects to the functioning of the crop’s own genes resultingfrom the insertion of the new genes into the crop’s genome leads tospeculation of possible unintended effects. These effects may in turncause allergic components to develop but they are usually reduced oreliminated by selection.

C. Environmentaleffects. The GM foods are produced with many chemicals that areintended to destroy weeds and insects. These chemicals have been seento harm harmless insects such as the monarch butterfly. This one ofthe major negative effects of GM foods as the other two arespeculations of possible effects. With the advancement and growth ofresearch around GM food, many researchers argue that these risks willsoon be countered and the adoption into consumption of GM foods willincrease.

III. Thelast point is clearing of controversy arising from the misconceptionsabout the GM.

  1. It is stated in the article “Genetic engineering for improving quality and productivity of crops” that thru both conventional breeding and GM technology there may involve changes in the genetic makeup of organisms with respect to DNA sequences and the order of genes and the amount of genetic changes brought about by the GM technology is small and well defined as compared to classical breeding.

  2. GM crops are the outcome of very specific and targeted modification in the genome where the end products such as proteins, metabolites or phenotype are well characterized (Datta 15).


  1. (Revisit the thesis statement and its justification in the presentation of the speech)We have taken a look at the benefits associated with the adoption of GM food, explored its possible risks and finally ascertained the acceptability of GM food globally. This gives us a clear insight on the benefits of this scientific food production technology that outweighs the risks. It is therefore, clear to everyone that GM food is beneficial. Thank you for your attention.

  2. (Closes the speech giving time to questions on the presentation and clarification on the points submitted). Presentation of any clarification required.


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