Maduro Assassination Plot Allegations


MaduroAssassination Plot Allegations

MaduroAssassination Plot Allegations

Theevent under discussion and analysis is the revelations of evidenceabout the attempted assassination of the Venezuelan president,Nicolas Maduro in 2013 (Reuters, 2014). The assignation attempt wasstaged by suspected assassins whose identity and intention is stillunclear and under investigation. However, the Venezuelan presidentopenly accused the United States to be behind the assassinationattempts through its secretive CIA. RT News (2014) reports theVenezuelan government claims that the United States supported theopposition to plan and execute the plot to kill the president. Theselection of this event is because it is still a continuing issuethat threatens tensions between Venezuela and United States as theworld questions the extent of American involvement in internal issuesof independent countries.


TheNew York Times, the Argentinean independent and the BBC reported theevent. The similarity is that all the sources reported the allegationof U.S involvement in the assassination plot as evidenced by emailsrevealed by Venezuela. The three events illustrate how the Venezuelangovernment accused the opposition to have worked with the UnitedStates to assassinate president Maduro. The Argentinean independentdescribes the evidence of the accusation as emails between U.Sofficials and the opposition (Argentinean Independent, 2014).Similarly, the New York Times links the Venezuella Opposition withthe United States officials in the plotting of the attemptedassassination of president Maduro (Neuman,2014).

However,the three sources report the same event in different ways. The BBCreports further information on the circumstances that led to thecurrent situation. The BBC reports some facts on the ground thatVenezuela had experienced conflicts between the government and theopposition. Consequently, there were protests against the governmentleading to arrests of 3000 political prisoners, and death of 42people (BBC News, 2014). This makes the BBC reporting deeper than theother two. While the New York Times and the Argentinean Independentfocus on the allegation of the Venezuelan government towards theUnited States government, BBC provides the information on theopposition that gives the reader a different view to the scenario.


Thedifferences are based on the depth that each source goes to give theaccount of the events and the circumstances surrounding the event.This explains what the reporting by the New York Times reveals theimpact of the allegations in the United States. Neuman (2014) reportsthat the House of Representatives discussed the allegations inAmerica and questioned threatened the freezing of the American assetsin Venezuela. While the Argentinean Independent (2014) reports on theallegations and does not focus on the circumstances. On the otherhand, the BBC report goes to the extent of illustrating the previousevents that the opposition had with the government. Due to thedifferent depths in reporting, the three sources appear to report thesame event slightly differently.

Thedepth of reporting is also evident when some sources decide to leavethe story open while others reveal more. For instance, theArgentinean Independent reveals that the evidence that the Venezuelangovernment had information on the plot. However, the Neuman (2014)explains that the Venezuelan government revealed as emails evidencethat showed the involvement of the United States and the opposition.According to Argentinean Independent (2014), the emails contain theinformation shared by conspirators in the planning, financing andimplementation of the assassination plot. However, the Neuman (2014)leaves the issue superciliously, by stating that the Venezuelangovernment claimed that it has information that the opposition workedwith the United States, without revealing what type of information.


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