Management Article Review


ManagementArticle Review

ManagementArticle Review

Thearticle discusses the management situation presented when temporaryemployees employed by companies take executive roles of being bossesin their position. Through the article, Light (2011) explores thecircumstances that lead to the assumption of the executive roles ofbeing the bosses to the permanent employees. According to Light(2011), many companies hire temporary employee as a way of filling ingaps in their organizational structure. These gaps require skilledtemporary workers such as administrative assistants and operationalpersonnel. However, according to Light (2011), companies facechallenges when these temporary employees assume the roles thatsubordinate permanent employees to them.

Thearticle relates to the field of management by because it discusses animportant administrative and human resource issue. The articlepresents challenges that face human resource management and thegeneral administrative function in the case of handling temporaryemployees. The temporary employment role is important to anorganization to solve management limitations that face human resourceplanning. The use of temporary employees is essential, but it becomescomplex when there is a confusion of roles, especially between theprivileges of the temporary and the permanent employees. Thediscussion on the need for temporary employees as dictated bybusiness environment makes the article relate to human resourceplanning function of the management.

Thearticle further relates to the management function of employeerelations and motivation. This is because Light (2011) explores thechange of attitude that takes place when temporary employees take themanagement positions and oversees the permanent employees. Thesituation presents a situation that challenges the cohesiveness ofemployees in sharing roles. Moreover, the situation threatens theeffectiveness of the management to maintain healthy employeerelations. In addition the article relates to the management issue ofcorporate performance as it seeks to understand the circumstancesthat necessitate a company to hire temporary employees. According toLight (2011), a non-performing company may hire temporary employeesto turn up the company towards performance.

Iselected the article because of the uniqueness of the situation thatthe topic of temporary employees is presented in a typicalorganization set up. The article addresses an important problem thatarises in management of human resources, especially in sharing ofroles. The article also exposes the challenges that managers have intrying to establish a united work force despite the divisions interms of permanent and temporary employees. I selected this articlebecause it has a clear discussion that basis its arguments on amanagement problem. This article is good because Light (2011)identifies a need in the management of the organization, researcheson the industry, shares relevant statistics and presents a problem.

Iappreciate the management issue explored in the article since itreflects on a change that any organization would face. First, Iidentify with the circumstances explained in the article because theauthor objectively explores a management case that is familiar inorganizations. Secondly, the article introduces me to the challengesthat I would face if I were a manager in an environment affected byfinancial constraints that require an organization to employtemporary employees. Finally, I find the need to carry more researchon the topic and explore how different organizations handle thechallenge of temporary employees becoming bosses. However, thearticle fails to present the solutions that organizations can exploreto appropriately handle the challenges presented by temporaryemployees.


Light,J. (2011). Managing &amp Careers: When the New Temp Happens to Bethe Boss. WallStreet Journal, Eastern edition NewYork, 28 Feb 2011: B.9.