Management Ethics




Managementethics denotes that the management of the company is responsible forsetting the ethical standards of the company and following thestandards so as to offer an example. In “Hiring Ethical People &ampCode of conduct,” we learn that the management must ensure that thepeople recruited maintain high standards of ethics as this sets thestandards for ethical practices within the organization. In “Ethicaldecision making &amp Training,” the lesson is that the decisionmaking process must always be guided by ethical practices despite theodds against the company. In “Managers as Ethical Leaders &ampEmpowering Ethical Employees,” the highlight is on the role ofmanagement is offering ethical leadership which sets the standard forethical practices amongst employees (Collins,2012).This is related to “Community outreach &amp respect,” which isfacilitated by ethical leadership. Ethical leadership is part of thecommunity outreach program.

Thearticle “Feds Hit GM with Record $35 Million Fine Over IgnitionRecall Fiasco,” shows how General Motors failed to maintain ethicalstandards in decision- making. The company failed to indicate thatits ongoing recall of cars was started by an ignition problem thathad resulted in 13 deaths (George, 2014). The management deliberatelyfailed to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigations that theignition problem of its cars had resulted in 13 deaths, but hadinstead declared nine deaths only. This shows dishonesty in decision-making by the management so as to continue having a positive publicimage. The company also failed in its community outreach and respectas it demonstrated a disregard to the people who had died due to roadaccidents caused by an ignition failure. The management further brokethe law, and this indicated that the reporting of the cases was notethical.


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