Management Part one



TheTalisman Energy Inc. is a worldwide gas and oil exploration as wellas production company. It has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.Strong market position is its main resource strength. Talisman is anindependent international gas and oil company. The company’s majorareas are the North Sea, Southeast Asia and North America. In NorthAmerica, Talisman Inc. is the leading deep gas explorer. It also hasimportant unconventional natural gas potential. In the North Sea,Talisman operates more than forty oilfields and possesses anextensive exploration land in Norway. In Southeast Asia, the TalismanCompany has a long life natural gas reserves as well as highlypotential exploration acreage. The company’s main weakness is highdebt. The company possesses a huge amount of debts that amounted toC$3949 in the 2008’s financial year. The debt is very high andwould limit the company from accessing additional finances to carryout its business operations.


BBBY,which is the short form of Bed Bath &amp Beyond Inc., is a chain ofhome merchandise stores of retail sales in Mexico, United States, andCanada. The company got formed in the year 1971. These stores sellgoods primarily for bathroom, bedroom, dining rooms and kitchen. TheBBBY`s strengths, weaknesses, as well as threats and opportunities,get discussed&nbspin the table below.


  • The company’s free shipping service for its customers is one of the company’s strengths. Many people will prefer making their purchases in the company so as to enjoy the shipping of their commodities that would also save them transportation costs.

  • The company also offers various enticing services such as easy return and others. These services also form another company’s strength. These services make it to get more preferable than its competitors.

  • Another company’s strength is the labor strength. It has approximately fifty thousand employees who help the company a lot to ensure efficiency in its operations. The three aspects have played a vital role in enabling BBBY to compete favorably in the market.


  • One of the weaknesses is the decline in operating margins. The company’s operating margins have been declining an aspect that has raised a lot of concerns. Decline in operating margins will enable the company’s competitors to make sales in the areas where the company does not reach.

  • The company has also a restricted geographic concentration that also serves as another company’s weakness. The restricted geographic concentration will lead to limited sales and consequently limited profits.


  • The company, however, has several opportunities that would greatly help it to advance. BBBY has the potential of acquiring other brands. The aspect would provide the company with an excellent opportunity to expand its market.

  • The company also has an opportunity of expanding in Canada as well as globally. It also has an opportunity of increasing its online retailing in the United States.


  • The company is also facing several threats that would lure its business operations. Over blowing of Amazon’s is one of the company’s major threats since it has potential to adversely affect the company’s economic operations.

  • The pacific linens and luxury linens posed a great threat to BBBY’s attempts of venturing into the new markets. The aspect hence limits the growth and development of the company.

  • Rising wages in United States is another threat to company’s economic status. The continued rise in wages can easily cause the company to suffer some losses.