Mark Almendares

Almendares 2


InstructorCorinne Tatum

EnglishComposition I

June30, 2014

DangerousHabits of Today’s Drivers

Thedangerous habits practiced by unqualified and licensed drivers causemany traffic accidents that people witness today. Moreover, peopleare aware that a very tragic accident can occur within a split of asecond, but they still manage trying a trick or two. Some of thesedangerous habits are habitual while some occur when someone is underdruginfluence. When a person is driving, he or she can decide to answer acall or reply a text message because there is less traffic activityon the road. This habit may start developing to a point where thatperson answers any call without considering the dangers in theparticular situation. Therefore, bad habits that disrupt drivers’attention are the leading cause of accidents.

Theuse of mobile phone while driving is the most dangerous habitpracticed by people today. If a person receives a phone call or textmessage, even if through a blue-tooth device, his or herattentiveness can be shifted from driving into the good or bad newsin that conversation. Clearly, the person is not fully aware of whatis happening on the road, whichreducesthe driver’s skills of avoiding accidents or proper judgment onwhen the application of brakes is essential. Use of mobile phonewhile driving is one of the most dangerous activities that peoplepractice today.

Manymore of these accidents occur when a person is under the influence ofdrugs. Drugs may alter a person’s response to a particularsituation. For example, the person may fail toapplybrakes when a deer jumps into the road. Studies have shown that morethan half of accidents happen when a person is under the influence ofalcohol. Alcohol and other drugs can distort the visual of a driver.The police assert that most drunk drivers confess to have not had,for instance, seen the animal crossing, the road, the pothole or eventhe other car coming.

Evenpeople who know not to use cell phones or drink and drive stillencounteranotherdangerous habit that has led to major fatal accidents, which islistening to loud music while driving. Drivers are taught tocommunicate through signallingamongstothers like light indicators. For instance, when a driver behindnotices a fault in his vehicle that can cause an accident (forexample, brake failure), he may try to alert the car in front bysignalling. If the car in front is playing loud music, then thatdriver cannot hear. Consequently, notplayingloud music can prevent avoidable accidents

Despitethe government putting laws and nongovernmental organizationcampaigning against some of these bad habits, modern people stillpractice them being aware of the dangers involved. Laws andadvertisements have played a major role in educating today’s peopleon these dangerous habits advertising trying to contain the issue ofthese dangerous habits, the statistics for accidents continue torise. In conclusion, it is very important that drivers avoiddangerous habits that can put their lives and others in danger. It issad to lose a life through road accident because someone ignored topark the car to read it. Additionally, people should have adesignated driver if they must attend a party and have themselvesdrunk. Lastly, law enforcers should ensure that those endangeringtheir lives through bad habits are brought to justice.