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June12, 2014

FIFA World Cup

FIFAWorld Cup is a football competition which is usually done after everyfour years and the participants are withdrawn from four countriesfrom each continents of the world in a competitive manner thoughpools and participants are totaled at thirty two and plays in anidentified place which is selected by FIFA committee by than fouryears prior to the competition. A winner is awarded with a trophywhich is a symbol of football heroism and is a symbol of the world’sfootball champions. FIFA World Cup is a global event which is treatedby football fans as special and brings benefits to the host country.It increases the economic growth due to the blossoming businessespecially in accommodation and food industry. Thus, this paper hasexplored the history of world cup, the events and its importance.

Thus, there have been a number of predecessors of the FIFA world cupsince the introduction of football sport more than two centuries ago. In 1863, the Football Association (FA) was established in England.Approximately ten years later, the Football Association (FA) hadfifty member nations. Federation Internationale de FootballAssociation was formed thereafter as the most important football orsoccer association. FIFA world cup was founded in 1904 due to thegained momentum of the soccer sport in the world. Before then, morenations had formed their own soccer associations. For instance, inthe year 1893, Argentina formed its own football association (FIFA(a) par).

FIFAworld cup is the world’s most prestigious as well as sought aftercup (Glanville, p 44). {Rework: (Glanville 44).}Variousparticipating countries’ teams fight tooth and nail before theoccasion to ensure they get tickets to participate in the cup. A lotof fans always make follow up and have got a team they pray day andnight to win the coveted tournament. The fans always carry variousbanners and suit their bodies in well printed garments in support oftheir teams. Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)was first introduced in 1904. Being the most loved and importantfootball cup, FIFA world cup is next to none trophy that teams of theworld search after. The countries’ team is composed of twenty threesquad players which are selected by the head coach under footballrules. In the competition, the thirty two teams are grouped intoeight pools or groups whereby the first two winners in group stagesproceed to the quarter finals. Each winner in quarters also proceedsto the semifinals and into final. In the finals, the two giants meetto determine the winner and whoever wins takes home this mostprestigious and important trophy called FIFA world cup.

Football is the most important as well as most viewed sporting eventin the world. The people who view the FIFA world cup tournament onTelevision are by far more than those viewing the game in theaudience. This gives the teams as well as individual players thatparticipate in this cup more recognition world-wide. This is just howimportant the FIFA world cup is, not only to the players but also tothe fans as well as business people since business booms during thistime and the economy is stabilized.

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