Marketing Plan Critique


MarketingPlan Critique

MarketingPlan Critique

Themarketing plan under review is the Coca-Cola marketing plan for theyear 2015. The marketing plan is well organized and reflects the corebusiness for the company. Coca-Cola is a global multinational thatspecializes in production and distribution of soft drinks. It is oneof the most diversified and extensively located multinational in theworld. As a multinational, it is expected that its marketing strengthmatches its large image that dominates the market. The marketing planreflects the market domination of the soft drink giant in the worldsince it involves branding activities that reflect a worldwidemarket.

Themarketing plan for Coca-Cola includes all the main elements of astandard marketing plan that makes the relevant document. Themarketing plan of Coca-Cola has the administrative introduction partof the purpose of the document. This section is well illustrated andconcise in the description of the environmental context of thecompany as well as its marketing function. In addition, the marketingplan contains a well illustrated mission and of the company, whichare to refresh and inspire the world, as well as create value bymaking a difference (MattCurd, 2014).However, the marketing plan of the company describes the constituentsof most of their products in the section of the mission. This is notin accordance to the marketing plans of many companies, since itdeviates from the main content of the section.

Themarketing plan presents a well outlined marketing audit thatdiscusses the weaknesses and the strengths of the company as well asa marketing function. The marketing plan contains clear weaknessesthat present some risks for the organization’s 2015 marketingsuccess (MattCurd, 2014).In addition, the marketing plan discloses the strengths that thecompany needs to use to exploit the market for the soft drinkbusiness. However, the marketing plan is not compressive in thedescription of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.These elements of market analysis and audit should be detailed enoughfor a person to understand the market situation. However, this plandoes not include enough details for a new person to understand.

Themarketing plan introduces the main product that the company intendsto introduce in the market. The marketing plan describes the newproduct against the company’s past revenues and sales. In addition,the marketing plan includes a relevant section of marketingcommunication by exploring all the possible forms of advertising. Themarketing plan is also presents the PEST analysis (MattCurd, 2014).This analysis is well described and explores the potentialenvironmental conditions for the company. The company faces aworld-wide market environment, which is complex due to globalizationand cultural differences. Therefore, the marketing plan established aclear and concise understanding of the global market environment. Thecompany also includes the ways through which the company will use tomarket its products and its public relations.

Ingeneral, the marketing plan for Coca-Cola is relevant and reflects astandard plan for the year 2015. The marketing plan for the softdrink giant is complete with a description of the new product thecompany intends to introduce into the global market. In addition, theplan contains the purpose and mission for the company in the nextyear. However, the marketing plan is not comprehensive in describingthe market environment the company will face as well as the purposeof the new market venture. However, the marketing plan provides themethods of achieving the targeted goals and maintains its publicrelations.


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