McBride Financial Services Goals and Objectives

McBrideFinancial Services Goals and Objectives

Themain idea behind having business goals and objectives is to havetargets in the course of business activities, measure businessprogress and to keep the focus steady (Jeston, &amp Nelis, 2014 p.67). McBride will have the following as its goals and objectives withthe aim of attracting a greater share of the market.

1.The business aims to create a competitive environment around its homeoffice and globally.

Thecurrent mortgage market in Boise currently has few financial serviceproviders. McBride Financial Services comes as an added player in aless competitive market to level the playing field between thebuyers, brokers, and the sellers.

2.The business aims to provide first-time home owners and credit buyerswith the opportunity of acquiring a home within their means.

Withthe credit and online search systems in place, there will be easynavigation through McBride`s systems. Therefore, credit buyers andfirst-time home owners have a healthy competition with the wealthy.

3.The business aims at expanding to a large scale financial servicebusiness after its first year of operation.

Thebusiness aims at expanding the business coverage beyond the eightbranches, two in Boise, Idaho and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. McBrideFinancial Services aims at global expansion in the future since awide coverage means greater market reach to offer services to whileat the same time making more profits.

4.The business aims to make profits immediately after breaking even.

Thebusiness aims at reducing its costs in the first year of tradingwhile making a cost-profits payoff in the first year of operation,then increase its profits in the long term.

5.The business aims fully to embrace a technological informationdatabase system that will allow safe access to the business`sinformation hub.

Thebusiness aims at having state of the art technology that createscloud information of business activities. The system will enableaccess of vital information to only authorized personnel.


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